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Arcana Kirā is an open world action RPG currently in Alpha status, slated for November release. Development is moving swiftly due to hard work, a solid development plan, and a weekly playable alpha build that illustrates the subtle and not so subtle differences just one week makes in development. So what's new since last week? A lot, let's dig in:

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First, here's a new video trailer for the game:

Second, 3 new dungeons were added:

    1. Your ship. In earlier builds, after crashing your ship you started the game just outside the ship. Now you start inside the ship. Check out some gameplay video from inside the ship:

  1. A new cave directly behind your ship. It's actually there to make it easier to access the southern parts of the world map.
  2. The burning church in the village can now be entered/exited.
  3. (BONUS) The Terra Vortex got redesigned into it's final layout

You can checkout the new cave, church, and Terra Vortex redesign in this other new trailer (this one is purely a gameplay trailer:)

Other than that, here's what else happened to Arcana Kira this week:

Alpha 4.1 (Changelog from Alpha 4) – June 6, 2015

  • Added 3 security camera playback monitors that show you what to do when you first start the game and you're exploring the ship.

Alpha 4 (Changelog from Alpha 3.2) - June 5, 2015

  • After the intro cutscene, you start inside your ship
  • The ship is meant to introduce gameplay mechanics & concepts with audio clues given from the computer. This will be introduced hopefully by Alpha 6.
  • Additionally, you cannot get back to the ship yet. Expect a 4.1 or 4.2 patch later this week to allow to enter/exit the ship
  • You can now aim upwards! This now zooms in the camera, which sometimes doesn't feel right at all. Will adjust the zoom to be proportional to the angle, with more zoom the farther down one looks. Expect many tweaks to this, especially with the car.

Alpha 3.2 (Changelog from Alpha 3.1) - June 3, 2015

  • Fixed a bunch of chapel issues (although it is still not done.)

Alpha 3.1 (Changelog from Alpha 3) - June 2, 2015

  • Chapel is now enterable (not finished inside at all though)
  • Cave now has items to collect
  • Cave now has crystals and a few other rocks
  • Cave optimized a little bit, shouldn't take as much performance for tesselation (still needs work.)
  • Lighting reworked as well.
  • DamageAreas now apply damage once per frame
  • Houses on fire in the village now have a damage area around them
  • Save station at the other end of the cave adjusted

Alpha 3 (Changelog from Alpha 2) – June 1, 2015

  • Rock Lord and Rock Fodder enemies are now much bigger & have a few bug fixes
  • Cave was added behind your ship
  • New save point added
  • 3 new monster areas added
  • Half Life 2 style audio stuttering problem removed when skipping the initial cutscene
  • Chapel implemented (not available for play yet.)
  • Fixed a bug where driving into a vortex or other teleporter would hang the game

What a difference a week makes. I'll be back with more news about Arcana Kira soon here on IndieDB. Thanks for reading!

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