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A detailed look at the new Gohma roster, which is undergoing some pretty big changes.

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Last time we took at look at some Koroks, new additions to the Kokiri's roster. This time we are going to take a look at the archenemy of the Kokiri, their spidery rivals known as the Gohma.

In the last release of Hyrule Conquest, the Gohma got a complete visual overhaul. In the next version of Hyrule Conquest, the Gohma roster will undergo the largest overhaul of any faction, with more than half of their roster being outright replaced with different units and the existing units all tweaked and changed in some way. Since the days of Hyrule Total War, I've never been entirely satisfied with their unit compositions. There were far too many giant units and quite a few redundant units as well. The objective this time around was to really try and give each unit a niche role, as well as synergize with other Gohma units. I'll go ahead and begin with the returning Gohma units and go over any changes that they are seeing.

Returning Gohma Units

Soldier Larva

The Soldier Larva have always been the perfect Gohma unit: A large swarm of weak melee biters who wear down enemies by being easily replaced and massed in large numbers. Other than a visual redesign which is in the current release, nothing is changing about this unit.

Spine Larva

Formally called the "Hive Larva," in older versions of Hyrule Conquest these little guys would help construct and repair Gohma bases. Seeing as workers have been replaced with the new Node System, this left these units on the chopping block. I really like the design of these Gohma from Twilight Princess and felt that they should be reused elsewhere. Renamed Spine Larva, these tiny creatures will be replacing the Caretaker as the Gohma's first tier ranged unit. They now lob small orange spines at their targets and deal pierce damage instead of acid damage, so they are functionally a cheap, small, and fast moving archer now.


Much like the Soldier Larva, the Pincergohma has always felt like a quintessential unit that doesn't really need any changes. Other than a slight visual update, this unit will be returning as the Gohma's bread and butter infantry.


The Burstgohma will be returning with no changes at all and will keep its current design. As before, these little guys explode and deal damage to anything around their corpse.

Trap Door Gohma

The Trap Door Gohma will be returning with no changes at all and will keep its current design. As before, these units are completely invisible when standing still, and can suddenly launch surprise attacks at unsuspecting foes.

Royal Larva

The Royal Larva will be returning with the same visual design, they will have a slightly different function in the Gohma army now. Royal Larva will now instead increase the regeneration rate of nearby Gohma, allowing them to heal much faster. When Battalion attachments are added as a feature to the game, the Royal Larva will instead attach itself to a Battalion to have the same effect on it.

Gohma Queen

The Gohma Queens are making a return, with a visual change and some minor functional changes. As in the last release, Gohma Eggs now function with Battalions and the Gohma Queens will be able to lay eggs that hatch into Soldier Larva or Spine Larva, making them a mobile barracks that can field low level units in enemy territory. They will also allow Gohma Battalions to replenish their lost soldiers anywhere on the map, once replenishment has been added into the engine.

Gohma Long Legs

The Gohma Long Legs will be returning with only a very slight visual change; they will function the same as a fast moving unit that behaves much like cavalry.


The Rocktites are also returning with no visual changes, their roll in the Gohma army is now changing a bit though. In the next version they will become the Gohma's ranged siege unit, throwing large boulders much like a catapult. They will still retain their high armor values, making them one of the most durable siege engines in the game.

Tank Gohma

Another "quintessential" Gohma unit that has always felt at home in their roster, other than a visual overhaul the Tank Gohma will return with no other changes.


The Armorgohma is returning with only minor visual changes. It has however now become a Unique Unit tied to a specific Gohma hero (details on that a little later when we get to Gohma Heroes). It will no longer be classified as a siege unit, and while not labeled a mage it essentially functions like a large tanky mage unit, lighting enemies on fire with its eye beam.


Originally called the Shroud Walker, this unit will be returning as a Unique Unit for one of the Gohma Heroes. Like in previous versions of Hyrule Conquest, the Shrouder will spew out fog that increases the miss rate of all enemy projectiles, as well as cripple the Line of Sight of enemies that get too close to the Shrouder. New to this unit however is that its fog also completely halts enemy regeneration, meaning that their units cannot heal while in the presence of its fog. The Shouder also has a new design and its physical size and radius of its fog effect has been dramatically decreased.

New Gohma units

Eye Larva

While the general design of this creature is more or less based on the previous Giant Larva unit, its function is completely different and it might as well be treated as a whole new unit. The Eye Larva will serve as the Gohma's Scout unit, something they were completely lacking and really needed. The Eye Larva, like most Scouts, can also detect invisible enemies.

Stinger Gohma

The Stinger Gohma is a new addition to the Gohma army, and will be one of the first units in the game to use 0AD's new Poison status effect. These melee creatures do not deal tons of damage up front with their attack, but rather inflict Poison on an enemy which continues to drain their health over a period of time.


The Gohma Webweaver is a new ranged support unit that launches webs from its head. These webs deal no damage to enemies, but reduce their movement and attack speed across a very large radius. For a comparison they are somewhat similar to the Gerudo Ice Archer, but are able to cover a much larger area with their slowing webs.

Morth Swarm

Really putting the swarm in their name to good use, Morth Swarms are trained in very large batches and can move over any type of terrain (sans water and lava). They deal no damage with their attack, however each individual Morth ever so slightly reduces the movement speed, attack speed, and armor values of enemy units. Each Morth's effect stacks, so several Battalions of these guys can potentially completely immobilize and cripple enemy units, especially large units that are easy for them to crowd around. Pairing them with Webweavers can lead to some really nasty results.


A new ranged Gohma unit, the Mothulas attack enemies with spiked projectiles that do minimal Pierce damage on their own. Their projectiles have a chance to spawn additional Morth Swarms however, slowing down enemies and devaluing their armor.


A new giant Gohma unit, despite its huge size the Carrier does not excel in combat and has a very slow attack rate. As its name implies, the Carrier acts as an armored transport; it is able to load itself with multiple Battalions of Larva sized units and ferry them across the map, including oceans and rivers. When the Carrier is slain in battle it will also spawn a free but injured Battalion of Soldier Larva.

Mite Keeper

This unit was technically introduced in the last version of Hyrule Conquest, but it's quite new so we'll go ahead and cover it here. The Mite Keeper is a Unique Unit of one of the new Gohma heroes, and attacks by lobbing tiny Gohma Mites at enemies. Gohma Mites may be tiny and weak and will eventually die out on their own, but they will continue to rapidly seek out and attack enemies and cannot be directly targeted. When the Mite Keeper is slain in battle it will also spawn a large swarm of Gohma Mites.

Gohma Blocker

Once a unit that was removed from Hyrule Conquest years ago is now making a return, this time with a new design and as a Unique Unit of one of the Gohma Heroes. The Blocker is a large walking shield with extremely high armor values; it is effectively immune to any form of Pierce or Hack damage projectiles. In the next release of Hyrule Conquest they will passively increase the armor of all nearby Gohma, and when they are slain their corpses will continue to provide that armor bonus until they decay. When Battalion attachments are added as a feature, Blockers can be attached to a Battalion and will instead make their Battalion completely immune to ranged Piercing and Hack damage.

The Great Baga Tree

Replacing the old Gohma Titan, the Baga Tree is the dark counterpart to the Great Deku Tree. While he is a decent melee Titan that has no issue taking on groups of enemies, the Baga Tree's real strength is his ability to constantly spawn a Soldier Larva with each attack.

That's a look at the Gohma's new and returning units. Lets shift gears and take a peek at their Heroes.... there are quite a few new changes in store for them. All of the Gohma Heroes now are represented by various Queens.

Queen Baga

Modeled after the Gohma Queen of Ocarina of Time, Queen Baga returns from previous versions of Hyrule Conquest and will not change too much. Like normal Gohma Queens she can lay eggs to produce units anywhere on the map, however she can hatch a much larger selection of units than just Larva.

Focus: Larva Units
Unique Bonus: Soldier Larva gain Camouflage.
Unique Bonus: +1 Battalion size for Soldier Larva and Spine Larva
Unique Tech: All Gohma structures (except for Settlements, Outposts, and Camps) spawn a half sized Battalion of Soldier Larva when destroyed.

Queen Midoro

Taking cues from the Mothula of Windwaker, Queen Midoro serves as the matriarch of other Mothulas and Morths. She is a small flying Hero that can hover across the map, lobbing her Morth Swarms from hills or other hard to reach places.

Focus: Scouting
Unique Bonus: All Gohma have increased Line of Sight.
Unique Bonus: Mothulas have an increased chance to spawn a Morth with their attacks.
Unique Tech: Mothulas can pay resources to gain wings.

Queen Arborachnid

A vile arachnid monster from Kaze Emanuar's The Missing Link, the Arborachnid will be appearing in Hyrule Conquest as queen of the Gohma Mites. In addition to its biting melee attack and passive ranged attacks from its tree eyes, Arborachnid can spawn Mites and also consume other Gohma units to quickly heal itself.

Focus: Swarming
Unique Unit: Mite Keeper
Unique Tech: Gohma of Medium or larger sizes (except Carriers and Heroes) gain a chance to spawn Gohma Mites on death.
Unique Bonus: There is now a chance that an enemy unit will spawn a Gohma Mite when killed.

Queen Moruge

Returning from previous versions of Hyrule Conquest, this heavily armored Gohma Queen has the fewest changes and will once again focus on improving the durability and armor of other Gohma.

Focus: Armor
Unique Unit: Gohma Blocker
Unique Tech: Increases the non-magic armor of all Gohma units.
Unique Bonus: All Gohma units gain an additional 10% HP.

Queen Armos

The dreaded Gohma Queen that appeared in Twilight Princess, Queen Armos spawns as a relatively slow and vulnerable hero that relies on her Larva to protect her. As she gains levels she will eventually be able to transform into the much larger and more powerful Queen Armogohma.

Focus: Siege
Unique Unit: Armogohma
Unique Tech: Burst Gohma now deal Fire Damage on death and can ignite enemy buildings.
Unique Bonus: Rocktites spawn a pair of Burst Gohma when they are slain.

Queen Sulkaris

A mysterious figure and myth of the Kokiri, Queen Sulkaris haunts the forest children and has an unsettled vendetta with the Great Deku Tree. Her twisted tree-like form erratically moves like some kind of shadowy spider as she nurtures and cares for the well being of her Gohma pets.

Focus: Healing
Unique Unit: Shrouder
Unique Tech: Royal Larva and Gohma Queens rapidly heal all units around themselves when slain in combat.
Unique Bonus: Trees spawn several Royal Larva when they have been completely harvested.

Metaltooth - - 2,664 comments

Whats their playstyle?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Hurricane1_02 - - 19 comments

Is Sulkaris still a Sage? Or is her nature a secret at the moment?

Also, where’s Agatha? She was so creepy so it went well with them.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
sebaggeminis - - 84 comments

i havent ever ´played the whom the mod is for but i liki it a lot.

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Guest - - 687,512 comments

Aborachnid (Fairy Fueled Demon) let’s go!

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shreksnow - - 21 comments

Gohma comment part 1:

Not entirely sure what my thoughts on the Gohma redesigns are. On one hand they’re really cool looking. I really like how now the Mothula and Morth Swarms are now part of the Gohma roster. On the other hand the fact that a lot of the old units, buildings, and lore has been thrown away is really unfortunate. I really liked how their titan was the resurrection of their evil creator god, and how all their buildings were grown not built. I’m sure that as time goes on the new stuff will grow on me. Great job.

Something you should really do is release the story drafts you had for the Hyrule Total War continuity. So much of the story/lore has been changed, and these differences will only become even greater as time goes on. So you might as well let’s the fans know what was going to happen before the reboot, as well as some of the lore ideas you kept hidden before the reboot. That way we’ll know what you had planned, and won’t be left in the dark.

I really like how now each arc will be relatively self contained. That way like you said in your stream if something happens people won’t be left wondering what’s going to happen. Hopefully nothing bad does happen to the project, or you in real life.

I like Sulcarus’s new evil Korok design. It looks really cool, and definitely fits the new story. Can’t wait to try out the new missions you make (if it’s not too much work for scripting and technical stuff you guys should make a tutorial on how to create custom maps and missions. That way people can make their own scenarios, and it will give the game a lot more replay value).

The new hero’s being queens is definitely really cool. I like how you were able to repurpose some of the specialist units and official Gohma bosses into hero units. It makes the Gohma a lot cooler, and more alien.

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The_Undying_Nephalim Author
The_Undying_Nephalim - - 572 comments

I might release my drafts for some of the old ideas I had, that sounds like it could be a neat idea. I should note that I'm still using a lot of my old ideas though.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
shreksnow - - 21 comments

That would definitely be awesome. And I completely understand you wanting to not spoil the story. It will definitely be interesting to know what was going to happen originally, and see how things develop overtime. Good luck with the mod.

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Hurricane1_02 - - 19 comments

I hope that means the Druthuildi, First Sages and Oocca stick around then.

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shreksnow - - 21 comments

Gohma comment part 2:

One thing that I am really glad has been changed is that Agatha will most likely no longer be involved with the Gohma, and because of that she won’t sacrifice herself to give Sulcarus a new body. I don’t have a problem with her working with the Gohma because it stays too far from her character in the official games. My problem with it is that her ideology was beyond incoherent. She was trying to improve the world by siding with a force that seals only to consume everything. Allying with them doesn’t make sense because they’ll just kill you in the end. If they were like the Killiks from Star Wars where they had “joiners” which were people who abandoned their own individuality, and joined with the hoard that would be fine. The way I imagine these could have worked was to have some people in the background of cutscenes in Gohma controlled locations wearing unisex clothing with the Gohma eye symbol on it, and are working/fighting alongside the Gohma. I’m terms of gameplay based on the map you’re located on the joiners would resemble the race of the province said map is located in. They’d be cheep expendable units that can switch being being workers and weak fighters on command. This would show that their individuality is gone, and they’ve become part of the hive. Since the Gohma arc is now radically different this is now completely unnecessary. Like I said previously my problem with Agatha’s character is that her worldview didn’t make any sense, and because of that her goals were nonsensical. If the goal was to show how ideology can poison someone’s mind to the point where when faced with objective reality they stare it in the face and continue to believe then you did a truly phenomenal job.

You’re probably tired of me saying this, but I think you should add special nodes for walls and towers like the special nodes in Halo Wars 2 for exactly that. This would allow someone to control certain choke points around the map, and make siege units more useful. Plus, there were various factions with unique walls/towers and it would be a shame to see those go away. A good example of this would be the fairy laylines, Goron lava walls, and various other things like that. To expand upon this the Lizalfos and Blind could have wooden spikes resembling the ones in BOTW that would be fairly weak, but they do damage whenever anyone touches them, and are really cheep to produce. You could also give the Gohma webs that block paths, or spawn larva/Morths that attack anyone who gets too close. There’s so much potential with this kind of a system.

Good luck with this project, and same for your Star Fox game. Hopefully you can find time and an audience who wants to see Sigma and your other game ideas.

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The_Undying_Nephalim Author
The_Undying_Nephalim - - 572 comments

The angle I was going for with Agitha was to sort of focus on her lack of parents and obsession with connecting to non-human creatures like bugs. She found some kind of familial connection with the Gohma that was lacking in her life. I also set her up as an opposite to Mido; she's completely and utterly obsessed with a cause while Mido doesn't seem to be able to have any cause and is constantly flip flopping sides and running away. It kind of leads to the tragedy when Agitha has a chance to run away with Mido and avoid her death but she chooses not to.

Reply Good karma+2 votes
shreksnow - - 21 comments

Ah, that makes sense. Now that you’ve explained what you were going for I understand. That is a good idea for her trauma to make her be insane, and constantly works against her own best interests because she’s so committed to the cause. I do like the juxtaposition between her and Mido (I think it’s hilarious how you said that he’s basically going to be an incel in the reboot. As a joke you should have him refer to himself as the “supreme gentleman”. That would be really funny. I also like how you said he’s kind of an outcast, and everyone hates him except for Link) with their devotion. That is well done.


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Guest - - 687,512 comments

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