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AR2 5.5 has been released! This version of the mod offers a complete gameplay rebalance, over 20 custom maps, and new weather/dynamic hostile features.

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AR2 5.5 is out now!

AR2 Version 5.5

AR2 5.5 Download

It's been several months, but lots of hard work has finally paid off. Version 5.5 has been released! 5.5 is its own package separate from 5.0, so make sure to install it over a fresh copy of Yuri's Revenge.

The skirmish and multiplayer map roster has been overhauled and expanded with over 16 new multiplayer maps, capping out at a total of 22 maps. These offer a wide array of new experiences, a larger range of player counts and start position variety, and better support for naval play:

  • (2) Around the Corner
  • (2) To be Continued
  • (2) Sunrise
  • (2) Wild Shootout
  • (2-3) In the Den
  • (2-3) Polar Knot
  • (2-4) Circle of Empires
  • (2-4) Clifftops
  • (2-4) Gris
  • (2-4) The Painted Wasteland
  • (2-4) Red Sun Canyon
  • (2-4) Scorpion Trail
  • (2-6) Glacial Alleys
  • (2-6) Iceberg
  • (2-8) Deathmatch
  • (2-8) Stardusk


Additionally, two new skirmish and multiplayer features can add chaos to your matches and make them less predictable. Virulent snowstorms and non-player hostiles such as Visceroids, Militia and Scrin populate certain maps, and can be toggled at will in the lobby.

The soundtrack has also been completely redone and replaced in the style of older versions of AR2. Genesis and Nemesis now have distinct musical themes, as do the invading Scrin, should you encounter them.


Perhaps the most important change is the complete gameplay rebalancing pass done to all units, structures, and superweapons. Combine this with a variety of bugfixes and audio/visual enhancements and you should find this to be the most refined version of AR2 yet.


As of version 5.5, AR2 includes:

  • Two new factions, Genesis and Nemesis
  • Free multiplayer support through CNCNet
  • 22 skirmish/multiplayer maps
  • Dynamic snowstorm system that shuts off radar, slows units and makes units/structures brittle
  • Non-player hostiles including relentless Visceroids, entrenched Militia, and aggressive Scrin raids
  • An AI overhaul that makes AI of all difficulties more challenging, and the hardest setting extra tough
  • Various visual and sound improvements
  • Three brand new soundtracks, one for each side and one for the Scrin


Various people have helped AR2 either personally or by creating assets or tools that were used in the creation of this new version. They are thanked personally in the included manual, but I'd like to extend thanks here as well. This would not be possible without all of your help!


The next update, 6.0, will be focused on adding some additional units and structures to both sides, as well as expanding the map list and focusing on urban terrain. I have no idea how long it will take to produce, but it will go faster the more people I have to help -- consider joining the AR2 Discord if you are interested in lending a hand, or if you're just looking to find someone to match with.

Until then, I hope you enjoy the new content. Good luck out there -- a storm is approaching.



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