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As you probably note, I have updated the mod again, there was a problem which it needed be fixed, a random crash at space skirmish, it happened mostly playing with three factions. Now it should have fixed.

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The new version improves other features and it adds the turrets in the Procurator Cruiser. At some point most of the units will add turrets with movement. It will be a fact. All the VSD type added turrets in the previous upload. Easily many units can share these turrets but it is not easier and it takes time.

With the update uploaded yesterday, the skirmiss mode should be almost completed. The crash is fixed, all units are builded from the new pads and maps are larger.

I have seen some people confuse because I have removed things as the Supremacy building units at skirmish. This change improves things as the AI building the First Order units because before it did not build any of them with exception from the Supremacy.

At addition, it prevents the problem where you can not see all units with ctrl+A because you see the building bar from some unit.

I do not go to negate how I can replace these new stations builded at pads in the future by others. It can be. There are many and it was a feature added a bit fast.

Other very good feature from the last updates, it is the enlarged skirmish maps where you can move your units by the borders. You can attack the flanks from the enemy and the enemy can attack you. :-P

These are not the last updates, I have rebalanced a bit more the fighter vs fighter combat, making much powerful units more powerful than weaker units.

Some weapons as the main weapon from the Small Golan III have been made a bit more powerful. Before barely it could damage the shields from many small units.

Other is the mines deployed by the Scimitar bomber, now they make big damage at enemy fighters. Before they were useless.

Well, you can read the list of changes here.

More at progress without any programmed release date as always.

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