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April 2009 update announcing the release of Dystopia Content Update 2. Changelogs for both CU2, as well as CU1 and updates to the third party map pack. Check out all the awesome information for the latest on whats new!

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Like with all large updates to Dystopia, we choose to take a vacation afterward. When we're done fragging with the new players to the game, creating hot fixes and patches and providing support we like to stretch out on the beach with a margaritas and fall asleep. Well, metaphorically speaking.

Surprisingly enough, Team Dystopia took a significantly shorter than normal break after the 1.2 release over Steamworks. Right away, we got to work on bug fixes and other balance changes we thought would be necessary. As well as the small stuff, we'll have bigger fish to fry in the coming months.

Today, we're releasing a patch to Dystopia over Steamworks which we're dubbing Content Update 2. You may wonder, What about Content Update 1? Sometime after the 1.2 release, around the time we enjoyed the fellowship of DjWHEAT and the extremely entertaining Dystopia release party, we pushed out a small content release. It included some quick updates that we wanted to get to you as soon as we could.

Here is the change log for that update:

"CU1" wrote:
- Stats browser crash fixed
- Moved to a different Sound library.
- Removed some debug code, and console spam.
- Potentially fixed a rare client crash.
- Added dys_exodus to mapcycle.txt
- Updated TACScan sound.
- Updated Basilisk secondary explosion sound.
- Added new Program sound.
- Added new Fall Damage sounds.
- Added new Cyberspace Ambient sound.

Now, a few months later, it's time for a bigger update that we would like to share. Here is the change log for Content Update 2.

"CU2" wrote:
- Hopefully, fixed issue where friends list on Steam would show people as playing "Source SDK Base."
- Fixed exporting stats.
- FIxed a number of exploits.
- Fixed a rare client crash if round_restart was performed during clients level loading.
- Fixed a crash that occurred when multiple callvote commands were executed.
- Fixed an issue in which all players, including spectators, were moved to Punks when a swap_team command was performed.
- Fixed crashing on Sound menu by moving the 'Music' menu.
- Pure (sv_pure) is now set to 1 in the server.cfg.
- A whitelist has been added, which restricts the use of some things, but still allows for custom content.
- Removed a file that was screwing up demos.

- XFire is now integrated with Steam, Class, Weapon, Implants, Global Rank, Global Status is exported.
- Added dys_xfire_integration command, this can be turned off and on in the Advanced Multiplayer options menu.
- Check added to prevent game from submitting data to XFire when mp_stopwatch is set to 1.
- Added a dys_spidershooter entity which spawns Spider Grenades.

- Changed dys_intro.avi.
- Updated Broadcast Server gibs to fix a small graphical issue.
- Updated Language files for English, French, German, Spanish, Swedish, Dutch and Finnish.
- Updated a file to make third party map Racetrack work correctly.

Updated Sounds:
- Added a sound effect when a callvote starts.
- Added new higher quality spawning sound.
- Added new Rocket Launcher sound.
- Added variations for katana.
- Modified levels for cyberspace pain sounds.
- Modified ladder sound to have more metallic effects.
- Slightly modified Assault Rifle, Friendly Fire hit and Cyberspace program sounds.

Updated Assemble:
- Some turrets towards that had high health are now invulnerable.
- Placed some turrets towards the end of the map to give Punks a little more help.

Updated Cybernetic:
- Fixed bug preventing access to third objective cyberspace.
- Added a ventilation passage to the operating room.
- Removed ICE Walls from second objective firewalls.
- Made various 1st objective meatspace and cyberspace tweaks.

We'll be posting in the near future about a bigger update that may grace the tables of Dystopia players. Stay tuned!

In the mean time however, we would like to remind all of the Dystopia players out there about our community's third party maps. We've taken the liberty to update the third party map installer package, located here. These maps are some of the best and most enjoyable maps created by the community that everyone should give a try.

User Posted Image User Posted Image

Also, we would like to take some time to thank everyone involved in the making of the Dystopia release party from a few months back. Particularly, people like DjWHEAT for hosting such an amazing event, Andy Nemer for putting it all together and making the wheels turn, the GameSurge staff for their gracious support, the always hard working ModDB staff and amazing sponsors like Trinity Gaming, xFire, Complexity Gaming and our awesome fans!

User Posted Image
User Posted Image User Posted Image
User Posted Image User Posted Image

Lastly, the rollover window for our statistics system has been lowered from 60 days to 30 days. has been lowered from 60 days to 30 days. Many may notice that their global ranks may of dropped or raised significantly which is a short term side effect. This unwanted effect won’t last long however, for those who keep at it in-game and continue to strive, will be rewarded immediately with the most updated scores.

See you again soon!


awesome, can't wait for the dystopia updates

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cool stuff, how about some new gameplay/weapons/ etc :) i know i know, i just want more

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Hell yeah, I love this mod with all my hl2 moding heart.

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Man, I hate this black background.
Oh, hey, an update!

"Entity Description
This entity spawns Spider Grenades. Those Spiders are teamless and attacking all Players in sight."

Haha, great, you should implement this on some maps. Like traps, available from cyberspace. For the lulz, of course.

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They are there to be used by any mapper that wants to use them.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

"- Updated a file to make third party map Racetrack work correctly."

So does this mean vehicles work correctly now - including on Desert?

If so, sweet :D

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They do and they no longer use guns.

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