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Oh, brave investigator! Do you remember my story about the mythical creator, the divine power, who made the Golden Creek as terryfing as it is? He is the one, in the books of old, called The Great One or Mr Ciastku. Aah, you do remember. There's one ancient writing I didn't mention in my tale for it is shrouded in secrecy

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However, you have proven yourself worthy of hearing this story. Your mind is open and you have a heart full of determination so you are presented with the wisdom granted to very few.

You see, perceptive one, this is not the only creation of The Great One. Two previous attempts had been made to turn his dark visions into reality, though both of them were turned back into dust when they hadn't met his gloomy expectations. The first world he founded was confined to a large house with a weird, grotesque and child-likeinterior. They were like those moving pictures the little ones love to follow on the television boxes and such. The person he put in there for testing purposes was given the ability to craft materials and weapons. He also had the soul of a brave warrior and confronted the demons in battle.

He didn't like it, as he had found it too greatly disconnected from our reality and his wish was to merge the creation with this world - as it was from the beginning of time.

Therefore, the second attempt of creation was much more realistic, dark and haunting. The new test subject was stripped of his abillity to craft maaterials, but The Great One allowed him to carry a spirit board around the house. The Developer decided to make it the home for a particularly haunting ghost of a deceased woman who was able to kill "at first sight", quite similarily to Slender Man.

Be careful mister investigator. I can feel your courage and fortitude, but you need to stay cautious. For more precious information please follow Apparition on Steam and add it to your wishlist!

Mr Ciastku

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