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The infantry overhaul we tested before has been refined and introduced to the game for real - as well as a few map updates!

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:allied: Red Alert: A Path Beyond Update :soviet:

The infantry overhaul we tested before has been refined and introduced to the game for real - as well as a few map updates!

As usual, in the changelog, look for bolded entries for the main gamechangers - but since this is a refinement of the previous temporary patch, if you've already read the experimental version's patch notes, just look for underlined entries and everything after Volkov, as those are the ones that have actually changed since the first iteration.


  • Changes to nuclear explosions (Demo Truck and A-Bomb Flare):
    • Both now deal extra damage to infantry (0.13125 -> 0.225). This translates to 180 and 225 point-blank damage with demos/flares (was 105 and 131.25), but as noted the infantry section, is reduced to half through terrain, and degrades more sharply at range for demos.
    • Demo Truck's anti-unit/aux structure explosion radius down (120 -> 100). It still damages main structures in its original 120 radius.
    • Both deal reduced damage to Volkov compared to normal (0.225 -> 0.15).
    • Both deal increased damage to mines (0.375 -> 0.625) to compensate the cover penetration since buildings count as cover.



  • Headshot/helmetshot damage multiplier increased from 3 to 5.
  • Neckshot damage multiplier decreased from 3 to 1. Getting an actual "headshot" is therefore harder.
  • Armour penetration of various weapons is altered. For the weapons that are penalised by this, bodyshots are therefore worse than they were before, except against "naked" infantry.
    • Remaining machineguns, tank shells, rockets 75% -> 87.5%
    • Assault rifles, MP5, Pillbox 62.5% -> 50%
    • Pistols, snipers, KovShotty 50% -> 37.5%
  • Armour shredding of various weapons is reduced:
    • Machineguns 150% -> 100%
    • Tank shells, rockets 200% -> 100%
    • Flame weapons 150% -> 50%
    • M16, AK, MP5, Pillbox 100% -> 25%
    • Slug 150% -> 25%
  • Cover penetration of various weapon explosions is reduced:
    • Nuclear explosions 100% -> 50%. This does not affect their damage to main structures; just units and non-important structures.
    • Flame weapons 50% -> 33%
    • Artilleries 25% -> 20%
    • Phase/Mammoth/Turret 25% -> 0%
  • Infantry now regenerate 5 HP per second instead of 3.
  • Tank shells/rockets damage multiplier to infantry down from 0.375 to 0.3 (0.625 -> 0.5 for Volkov).
  • Infantry can now begin to see stealth units from 25m away (was 20).
  • Headshots and helmetshots now use a distinct sound.
  • Height differences between infantry have been narrowed.
  • Infantry hitboxes have been overhauled; all infantry now have completely identical ones (this time for real), except for Flamethrower's backpack, and they are generally smaller than before (especially the head).

Pistol users

  • Accuracy penalty when jumping up (1.5 -> 3).
  • AI pistol users (such as techie bots) now have a special variant of the pistol with the same inaccuracy as the M60/PKM. So now you shouldn't get your entire infantry squad wiped by an Ore Truck technician while trying to cripple the enemy's economy.

Engineer.gifpt_al_technician.pngpt_so_technician.png Repairmen

  • Engineer no longer has extra armour.
  • Engineer is no longer fireproof.
  • Engineers now have 5 Clearing Charges.
  • Clearing Charge blast radius down (10 -> 7.5).
  • Clearing Charge damage down (500 -> 250). This only really matters for hedgehogs as it has an overkill damage multiplier against mines.
  • Repair Tool ROF down (10 -> 1).
  • Repair Tool repair/disarm damage up (1 -> 10).
  • Golden Wrench ROF down (13.33 -> 5).
  • Golden Wrench repair damage up (3.33 -> 10).
  • Golden Wrench ammo down (100 -> 50). So now it repairs 500 building health (as much as a normal building has) in 10 seconds, instead of 333 (two-thirds) in 7.5 seconds.
  • Repair Tool and Golden Wrench abusability overhaul:
    • They are no longer area of effect weapons; instead, they are invisible hitscan beams (like a pistol) with splash damage at the end.
    • You will now need to point directly at an object to repair it. So no more repairing the Soviet Barracks MCT through the floor above. For disarming c4/flares, you just need to point in their general direction.
    • The hitscan has 3m range and the splash has 3m range. (Previously it was an AOE around the user with 3.5m.) As long as you can use the full length of the hitscan beam (for example, you're out in the open trying to disarm a C4 on a silo/coil) then you essentially have a longer disarm radius of 6m, but if you're trying to disarm through a wall, you're slightly worse off than before - you can no longer disarm C4 on a Soviet Barracks MCT through the floor above. Disarming through walls is still totally possible (which it needs to be to allow disarming flares on auxiliary buildings), there's just less places that you can do it.
    • Now has 180 degrees of inaccuracy while bunnyhopping. This has a severe effect on repair attempts and makes C4/flares take at least twice as long to disarm.
    • Long story short, if a repairman is being shot at and needs to bunnyhop to survive, his repair capability is significantly worse than before, but if he's undisturbed it's business as usual, except that the Golden Wrench is a little better.
  • Disarming a flare is now only worth 500 points (was 750).
  • Disarming a C4 is now only worth 50 points (was 75).

pt_al_officer.pngpt_so_officer.png Officers

  • Firing sound radius down (130 -> 120m).
  • PKM rate of fire down (12.5 -> 12, a ~2.7% DPS decrease).
  • Price up (250 -> 300).

Rifle_Soldier.gifpt_so_rifle.png Rifle Soldiers

  • Range down (100 -> 90m).
  • M16 Trishot accuracy penalties are now only 0.25 lower than primary (was 0.75 lower). So now it only has perfect accuracy when crouched.
  • M16 Trishot rate of fire down (2.25 -> 1).
  • Firing sound radius down (120 -> 100m).
  • No longer has a crabwalking accuracy penalty.
  • Damage multiplier to MCTs up (0.175 -> 0.18); a ~2.9% DPS increase.

Flame_Trooper.gif Flamethrower

  • Firing sound radius down (70 -> 30m).
  • Fireball explosion sound radius down (250 -> 150m).
  • Range up (90 -> 100m).
  • Splash damage up (30 -> 35).
  • Splash radius down (9.5 -> 8).
  • Direct hit damage multiplier to infantry up (0.4 -> 0.5).
  • Health is now completely immune to fire splash; however, armour depletes at the same high rate that it would against normal infantry. So you still don't want to splash yourself, but you can't kill yourself by doing so.
  • Price up (300 -> 450). Still doubled on Fissure.

Grenadier.gifRocket_Soldier.gif Rocket Soldiers

  • F1 Grenade direct damage up (15 -> 20).
  • RPG-7/LAW accuracy penalty when jumping down (2 -> 1.5).
  • AT launchers firing sound radius down (140 -> 100m).

Mechanic.gif Mechanic

  • Health up (50 -> 60).
  • Wrench AOE radius increased (10 -> 12.5m).

Medic.gif Medic

  • No longer has extra armour.
  • Health up (75 -> 100).
  • Rate of fire up (13.33 -> 15), a ~6.2% DPS increase.
  • Bullet velocity down (500 -> 250m/s).
  • Accuracy penalties changed: 1.5 standing/jogging, 5 jumping (was 1.25 standing/jogging, 3.75 jumping)
  • Firing sound radius down (120 -> 90m).
  • Medic kit AOE range increased (10 -> 12.5m).
  • Medic kit DOT effect heals at two-thirds the normal rate against other Medics.
  • Medic kit equip time shortened to 0.5 seconds again.
  • Price up (500 -> 800). No longer a viable insta-rush option for tiny maps... but it's better once you can afford it. When not in multi-medic groups at least.

Shock_Trooper.gif Shock Trooper

  • Direct hit DOT effect now deals 12.5 DPS for 2 seconds, for a total of 25 damage (was 7.5 for 3 = 22.5 total).
  • Accuracy penalties changed: 0.5 standing/jogging, 0 crouching, 0.25 crabwalking, 1.5 jumping (was 0.4 standing/jogging, 0.1 crouching/crabwalking, 1.75 jumping)

pt_al_sergeant.pngpt_so_starshina.png Shotgunners

  • Remington Slug damage to infantry down (40 -> 30).
  • Primary damage spread out over 10 pellets (was 8).
  • Remington reload time down (3.33 -> 3 seconds), a ~3% DPS increase.
  • TOZ reload time up (3.33 -> 3.5 seconds), a ~1.5% DPS decrease.
  • Firing sound radius down (100 -> 90m).
  • Price up (150 -> 200).

pt_al_sniper.pngpt_so_sniper.png Sniper

  • Damage up (55 -> 60).
  • ROF down (0.75 -> 0.5).
  • Firing sound radius up (275 -> 300m).
  • Price up (500 -> 650).

Spy.gifThief.gif Spy/Thief

  • Damage down (12.5 -> 10), same as a normal Beretta. You still kill most infantry in the same amount of headshots as you would with higher damage anyway.
  • Thief's money stolen from Silo is down (33% -> 25%)

Tanya.gif Tanya

  • No longer has a depletable armour bar; instead, she has 150 health, the same 50% explosive damage resistance that the Engineer has, and fast regen like Volkov/Medics. This renders her tougher against most field infantry/vehicles, improving her ability to help Allied tanks push against Soviet infantry, but renders her more of a glass cannon against most small arms which makes her a riskier infiltration unit.
  • Firing sound radius down (150 -> 100m).
  • Range up (60 -> 70m).

Volkov.gif Volkov

  • No longer has a depletable armour bar; instead, his health always takes the same damage as an armoured person would, so he essentially has infinite armour - but only for splash damage and most small arms; direct hits from any large projectile and the APC's Browning act as though he's unarmoured.
  • AP mode targeting range is now 100m to match the Kovnades (was matching the Kovshotty instead, but why are you even trying to hit things with the shotgun at that range?)
  • KovNade now explodes on impact. (Multiple variations on Beta's "bouncy" and Delta's "sticky" have been tried and they all have horrible clipping issues that render them terribly unreliable.)
  • KovNade direct damage down (70 -> 25).
  • KovNade direct hit now uses the pistol warhead, so even with the new impact explosion it still can't hurt buildings.
  • KovNade splash damage down (30 -> 15).
  • KovNade splash radius down (12 -> 7).
  • KovNade ammo usage down (4 -> 2), can now be fired 6 times before reload.


Light_Tank.gif Light Tank

  • Health up (250 -> 300)
  • Armour class down to Light.
  • Reload time down (1.225 -> 1.2), a ~2% DPS increase.

Mammoth_Tank.gif Mammoth Tank

  • Scaled up +15% to match the size of the MAD Tank.
  • Tusk launchers now fire in the same order as the cannons.

Hind.gif Mi-24 Hind

  • Damage to infantry down (7.5 -> 6).

Tesla_Tank.gif Tesla Tank

  • Direct hit DOT effect now deals 10 DPS for 4 seconds, for a total of 40 damage (was 7.5 for 5 = 37.5 total).
  • Splash damage down (17.5 -> 15).

Yak.png Yakovlev Yak-9P

  • "Gradual self-damage" threshold down from 30 to 27.5m/s, so it should no longer feather engines or whatever while banking hard.
  • Base damage up (25 -> 30) - maximum damage to any vehicle's health in a single pass up from 250 to 300, damage to base defenses up from 75 to 90
  • Damage multiplier to all buildings except defenses down (0.3 -> 0.25) - so damage to them is unchanged from before
  • Damage multiplier to non-Ranger light vehicle shields down (1 -> 0.9) - maximum damage to them in a single pass up from 250 to 270
  • Damage multiplier to heavy vehicle shields down (0.625 -> 0.4) - maximum damage to them in a single pass down from 156.25 to 120
  • Damage multiplier to mammoth vehicle shields down (0.5 -> 0.4) - maximum damage to them in a single pass down from 125 to 120


Allied_Radar_Dome.gif Radar Dome

  • No longer causes Tanya/Volkov to become unavailable on death. (This was more a placeholder "feature" for until something useful came along, i.e. the backup War Factory thing.)


  • Mammoth Tank's side stars are moved back slightly.
  • Mammoth Tank's mantlets now tilt appropriately with the barrels.
  • Repair Tool's sound now matches the first person animation.
  • Kill strings from neutral entities (for example, Stormy Valley's partisans) now correctly show up in white instead of Allied blue.
  • Grenadier now has a proper model for his 9K32 Strela-2 anti-air rocket launcher, made and textured by Furs with texturing refinements by Chaos_Knight!




  • Is now merged into the main Camos Canyon map to save size and reduce confusion with the server's set next map command. To enable bots on RA_CamosCanyon while playing in LAN mode, press F8 to open the console, and type botcount 30 (or whatever number of bots you want; 30 was the previous default).


  • Tech Level up to 5.
  • The Supply Truck tunnel's connection to the central tunnel is now blocked by tank wrecks, preventing other vehicles from interacting with it - no more dropping a demo/MAD down the side tunnels and cheapshotting the enemy base, or using Rangers/tanks to intercept infantry teams travelling down the side tunnel. This also prevents a team from taking the other team's truck and concealing it safely within their own base so that it can never respawn for the enemy - it can only be taken to the other end of the side tunnel.
  • Removed floating crates by Allied WF.
  • Spire by the Light Tank wreck is not so comically tall anymore.


  • Tech Level down to 1.
  • Both teams now have an additional 2 credits per second income that cannot be prevented.


  • Expanded some of the map boundaries, particularly in areas ground vehicles can't easily access or have little reason to.
  • Flight ceiling up from 80m to 125m; warning up from 67.5m to 105m.


  • Repair Tool can now capture neutral structures; however, this takes about 12 seconds for a neutral one compared to 2 with the Wrench. (Capture logic is tied to ROF and not damage, hence why the ROF/damage per shot changes had to be made.)


  • Added a vertical physical collision mesh around all the elements of the track border that aren't already completely vertical. So now you should never get stuck or flipped by track borders unless you charge into them at max speed.
  • Fixed the seam on the final stretch.
  • Added a bunch of new billboards by A4R91N.
  • Hedgehogs are now rusted to make them stand out more, especially in areas where they're on roads.
  • Allied and Soviet rangers now behave differently; Allied ones are "grip" rangers that have a weaker max speed/acceleration but stick to the road much better (good for newcomers or high pingers) and Soviet ones are "drift" rangers, which are difficult beasts similar to the rangers in previous versions of this map, and have a high speed/acceleration but need extra care when handling corners. They can potentially finish earlier than grips if you can control them.
  • Reduced number of cars to 16.
  • Spread out starting positions more so you can't get stuck behind unoccupied cars and are much less likely to accidentally hop into a car you don't want.
  • Replaced music track with Motorized from RA2.
  • Country Swing ramp is lower so it should be much harder to flip when landing.
  • Final snow ramp is lower so it should be harder to crash/flip on the concrete wall ahead.
  • Time limit set to 5 minutes.


  • Moved coil outside the walls.
  • Moved positions of all the AAs that aren't on the refill areas; they're now all outside the walls except 1 on the WF roof. Soviet SAMs now only really cover the rear/centre of base just like the Allied AA guns.
  • Cannon damage up (200 -> 250).


  • Partisan health/speed now reflects the stats of the units they're "copying" (rifle = 50 health/6.5 speed, shotgun = 60 health/7 speed, rocket = 50 health/6 speed), instead of being an all-powerful 75 health/7 speed for all of them.
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