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short log about by clea leshlick about SFX making in Anuchard...

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Hello, it’s clea again. (see my previous post about BGM in our tumblr blog).

Today I’m going to talk about SFX in Anuchard. I start from basic sounds like light hit, heavy hit, dash, impact, with 2-4 variations of them each. Why? So that I can randomize them on each trigger and make things sounds richer and more natural. As for the methods, I combine recorded sounds, samples, and sound design vsti available on my arsenal. is my main source for recorded sounds, as I don’t record my own voley. I’d like to express my thanks to the website and generous people who contributed there.

The vsts I use for this project are Minisynth from Imageline and FORM from Native Instruments, aided with mixer effects such as reverb, delay, flanger, chorus, EQ and limiter.


What’s the challenge? It’s not easy mixing diverse sounds that came from totally different sources. I had to be quite careful with volume balance, panning, EQ, noise, etc. For example; Light Attack Hit1 has 3 layer of audio clip, so I must tune their volume, EQ, pan, pitch, length etc so that they will sound good and perfectly timed when played together. Of course there are fun and happy times too, like when I browse plugin presets while hitting my controller and find something that’s instantly inspiring and fitting for the project!

That’s it for today, sometime later I will talk about SFX categories in Anuchard and their implementation in Unity. If you like my sounds and you want custom sounds for your game, hit me up because I still have commission slot available! Lastly, thank you for supporting Anuchard and stellarNull, see you next time!

~clea leshlick

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