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About Cameo, me and my new completely different project.

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long time no see, i wanted to give you all a few words.
Cameo is still doing well, meanwhile nearly completely in the capable hands of our discord community.
While you are all waiting eagerly for the next Cameo content update containing new playable faction, i wanted to give you all something different to shorten the wait.

I was busy the last couple of month with a completely different project i could not resist to do,
a Minecraft Modpack completely with Quests and rebalancings.
The Modpack is rather small compared to most others and focused on Combat & Looting.

If you are also a Minecraft enthusiast like me you can check out the Modpack in the new CurseForge launcher or here: Link

Maybe not the Christmas Surprise you guys wanted but a Surprise for sure :)

I wish you all Happy Christmas & a Happy new Year.
Until 2021 Commanders!

gl & hf


Minecraft modpack has a weird performance issue, it works pretty fine and loads alrighty, but once in a while the whole game freezes for like 5 seconds and then continues like normal for another hour or so.

Sad it only has vanilla dimensions but it's pretty nice already. Won 3 pets on a Lycanites mobs dungeon. Summoning Staff still being the BEST weapon one can have early on, not gonna lie. Gekken are great for most things on land, Djinn are great for denial of movement.

Killed 3 bosses with summons only. also Satan Claws event is the only one that triggers from Lycanites Mobs, cause of Christmas, it's WAY too annoying cause they just go through blocks and there is like 50 of them lol

Also a suggestion, add FoamFix to your modpack, it's THE mod for performance enhancement for Forge.

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