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The newest turbo mode level: Forest of The Feast! A battle in a dark forest with a dark secret!

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Download version 1.0!

I have another new level to announce for Brutal Hell Royale! It is a smaller (turbo) map titled "Forest of The Feast" and is intended for max of 16 players! Reign blood down upon a strange forest in the dead of night. A deserted UAC outpost awaits amongst the trees - man machine gun turrets from atop guard towers or battle down in the forest through the darkness. A demonic force awaits those who can survive longest...

This level is filled with atmosphere and is now the 16th map for Brutal Hell Royale - the only complete survival / PvPvE / battle royale / deathmatch mod for Doom! Tons more content to be added on the road to version 2.0!!

Guard Tower

The Outpost

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