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I shall be releasing Beta 7 next week end, hopefully Saturday. Ive focused mainly on bug fixes and making changes to compliment the setting.

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Hotfix #1

I have now uploaded a hotfix for the Beta 7 here, it can also be found on my forums through the link below.

The fixes are as follows:

  • Fixed merchant inventories for all the new towns, inc problems with inn keepers, village elders etc
  • Various scene fixes.
  • Various mesh, texture and shader fixes.
  • Various text and dialogue fixes.
  • Various map fixes/Improvements.
  • Various other fixes and improvements.
  • Varys spy in Sunspear fix.

A big thanks to everyone that posted bugs and feedback.

The First hotfix can also be downloaded here

User Evil Strategist has started a Lets Play of the Beta 7. Some of you may want to check it out.

Beta 7 Final(y).

Ive altered the changelog below to account for the extra changes made. I decided to add lots more new locations, though please bare in mind most of the scenes for these still need to be changed to be correct.
For Beta 8 i shall mainly be focusing on Scene overhauls and new Lords and Ladies. If anyone wants to lend a hand with filling the scenes, then do let me know.

I shall be releasing Beta 7 next week end, hopefully Saturday. Though dont hold me to that, im not very good at meeting deadlines!

Ive focused mainly on bug fixes and making changes to compliment the setting this time round. A few new items and scenes have snuck in mind, including a couple of extra features i thought the mod was lacking. You can see the full changelog so far below:

  • Various text bugs fixed/re-written
  • Changed some books in the book merchants so they are not holding the same
  • New dialogue written for Crastos
  • Fixed insulting priest of Rhllor giving dodgy rep deductions.
  • Various menu bugs fixed.
  • The Kingsguard correctly join the player if they take Kings Landing. Bare in mind you may have to wait a day or two for them to switch allegiance.
  • Fixed/added more factionalized items.
  • Removed some duplicated items and troops.
  • Removed/altered lots of conflicting scene props.
  • Fixed/Changed a load of duplicate/wrongly referenced strings.
  • fixed various missing/white textures inc Greyjoy armours.
  • Adjusted tourny prizes to be more inline with the period.
  • Fixed some problems with Varys quest line.
  • Fixed dialogue with companions, including not being able to equip them.
  • Adjusted equipment for arena fighters.
  • Some small fixes to Kingdom Relations.
  • Fixed that pesky spy bug.
  • Fixed campaign map party flags not being in the correct place.
  • Some fixes to the Nights Watch dialogues incase that faction gets defeated.
  • Various menu bugs fixed.
  • Code refactoring and lots of changes 'under the hood'.
  • Wildlings, The Nights Watch and The Dothraki no longer have caravans.
  • Added Bear Island as a castle and assigned correct Lord/Lady.
  • Changed Castle Black to a town and The Wall to a castle. (These currently have placeholder scenes).
  • Added 7 new companions.
  • Reworked stats,dialogue, items and prices of all companions.
  • Adjusted all map icons to now be correct.
  • Changed the Wildlings to now be called The Free Folk.
  • Changes to village relations - You can now become a King of the people. This will give certain bonuses.
  • Changed some map textures.
  • Various other changes made to the map.
  • Started adjusting music for different regions/factions. Also added new music from Lord Goodfella.
  • Added/updated lords/ladies, ages, relations etc for Volantis, Pentos, The Dothraki, Braavos, Norvos, Qohor, Lorath, Myr, Tyrosh.
  • Removed more items that dont fit the setting.
  • Fixed lots of problems with meshes, animations and shaders of different items.
  • Added 4 new Greyjoy armours and 2 new helmets from Rigadoon.
  • Added 4 new Lannister armours from Thanewulfgharn.
  • Added a new Baratheon helmet from Thanewulfgharn.
  • Added Camels.
  • Added Bandit Slavers spawn to Essos, plus made changes to various other bandit parties.
  • Updated all armours/weapons for all Kings and Lords.
  • Fixed double instances of the Kings Guard in Kings Landing Throne room.
  • Updated lots of troops inventories, giving correct shields/weapons/helmets etc.
  • Added Custom Commander to select who you control for the battle.
  • Added a modified pre battle orders by Cabadrin. Including the PBoD mod options in camp menu, plus other extras.
  • Changed game font.
  • Added Ten Towers, Golden Tooth, Raventree Hall, Felwood, Bitterbridge, Ghost Hill, Starfall and Yronwood scenes by Lordcanute.
  • Updated/changed all ingame flora.
  • Changed the rest of the face textures.
  • Changed all random face codes in the game.
  • Started changing face codes for the known characters ingame.
  • Fixed missing/corrupt scene borders.
  • Changes made to Hollow Hill scene.
  • Added a new quest. 'A Lannister always pays his debts'
  • Added the ability to buy a re-forged valyrian blade from a certain master craftsman.
  • Added 3 new Valyrian weapons.
  • Added Dawn sword of the morning.
  • Removed a few quests that didnt fit the setting.
  • Removed all (most?) of the bugged scenes.
  • Fixed Pyke seige scene.
  • Added 6 more towns, 17 more castles and 12 more villages to Westeros.
  • Changed many Locations to be correct. ie villages to castles/towns. - too many to list.
  • Made extensive changes to the map, made most regions much bigger.
  • Added Riverrun scene by Gokiller

I still have a few more things to add to the list before next week end, but i feel Beta 7 has made huge improvments over Alpha 6. I hope everyone else agrees.

Hotfix #2

Testers are still testing the latest hotfix so im hoping to get it out over the week end! Just a heads up.

Feel free to visit our patreon page:



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Awesome !

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Super excited for the next release. Any chance jousting might make it into the mod? In the books characters place a great deal of emphasis on jousts and some even disdain on only winning in melees.

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I thought the same thing, maybe it could be scripted into the tournament system. I was searching for other mods that use something similar to b e a base to look at the code but I can't find any. :(

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Hey, does anyone know why ICE isn't a two handed sword in this mod? That was so in the last update, but I haven't checked if it was changed for this build.

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Its both one handed and 2 handed, but if you try to one hand it, you can only thrust.

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Hey, I am not able to see any text on the home screen. Any ideas why that might be the case? I was running the native module beforehand without any other mods. Do I need to remove that folder?

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Hey guys, to add on to the above, I can click on the space where the text was supposed to be and it works; just can't see the text itself. Can it be the text file or the display that is not working properly? I downloaded the mode from here.

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produno Author

Delete your font_data in the modules data folder. It seems to be causing problems for some people for some reason.

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Thanks Produno! Works like a charm.

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Hey guys, just played the game. IMHO the bandits/ brigands/ northern tribes/ ironborn warriors are way too overpowered. They easily kill 2x their party size in Northern peasants (including me - I am able to kill 2-3 while my party gets destroyed and they surround me). This has happened with all the bandit class characters. In comparison, the quest to kill the raiding knights in Harbour town (who incidentally say they are the toughest in the area - they have 2 Squires and 3 Valyrian Archers as well) seems like a cakewalk even though it gives 1000 silver. Is it true for anybody else or am I just too noob? Please help, I am almost about to give up on the mod (I have been captured every time I go on the road). I am playing on the easiest settings by the way.

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produno Author

You should try go for the looters and try doing quests to build up. The mod is meant to be harsh, as is life in Westeros ;).
You can also get higher ranked special troops from certain villages which are better than your average peasants.

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I know its meant to be harsh but I am being r***d all the time. I have had knights and house guards in my party as well (around 40 vs 20 bandits - around 5 good units and recruits and peasants as such) and I lost... Just as I was plundering a village as well. Its like they have a vendetta against me - they keep on popping up around me and they are never weaker than me. Never. That is harsh man. I have not been in a single fight related to the kingdoms. I just keep on fighting the bandits. When my marshal calls me for battle, they pop up just before I meet him and destroy my party. Just as a thought, how many (or what level) troops can fight the bandits (not the ironborn raiders or sea bandits - just the normal ones like bandit, brigand etc). BTW I am level 11 at the moment. Is it too soon to fight these guys?

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Produno, I have nothing to say but to thank you a lot for this great mod, cheers man!

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The mod is awesome, one of the best I've ever played, but i don't like of the Inn of Kingslanding, Kingslanding is the greatest city of Westeros and its Inn seems so poor, the mod have other things to correct (some bugs and crashes for example), but i recognize that is in beta. Sorry for the bad english, i'm from Brazil ;).

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