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Improved combat dynamics, better optimization, reworked various GUI windows and a lot of minor fixes!

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With this update you receive many improvements to combat system, improving its dynamics and an immersion in a battle, as well as various fixes to the game's optimization! We have also prepared for our Supporters a poll about the way durability should affect the items statistics, as we always gather feedback from the players when important changes are going to be made in gameplay.

Changelog v. Pre-Alpha


– Implemented memorials for the most deserved players and guilds (new ones will be being added continuously)
– Implemented swimming fatigue system preventing from running to water in PVP – heavier the armour, faster the character will drain all its stamina and get drowned (we recomment to wear light armor before swimming)
– Implemneted random bosses spawn (Ragi, Brandon)
– Restricted drowned maids respawn to night time only
– Increased character’s base damage in both melee and ranged combat
– Reduced HP regeneration
– Added value of item’s initial durability to it’s tooltip
– Added Daily Events progress window
– Added “search” function in crafting window
– Added displaying of default recipe in crafting window (or a short tutorial if character doesn’t know any recipe)
– Reworked the dungeon, improving textures, geometry and loading time
– Reduced minimal statistics modifier depending on item’s destruction from 30% to 70% of original values
– Increased amount of items damages repaired from 50% to 75%


– Fixed bug preventing players from blocking arrows with shields
– Fixed bug causing that wounded character’s stagger wasn’t refreshed when next hit’s were received
– Increased sensitiveness of characters positions sycnhronization – please report if you will encounter strong “rubberbanding”
– Fixed bug of invisible mouse cursor to go outside of the screen (for multi-screens users) when in combat mode, causing varios problems (eg. looting enemies)
– Reduced spikes when going over the terrain segments borders
– Fixed bugs related to alternative materials in crafting recipes
– Fixed bug causing that after choosing an alternative material its tooltip didn’t disappear
– Fixed bug allowing to change character’s armour when running/swimming
– Reworked help window (F1)
– Various minor fixes to GUI windows visuals (Daily Events, crafting, memorials)

Link to a poll about durability system:

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