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After the release of the demo we haven't assembled a team to develop a full game. We decided to make a new demo.

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After the release of the demo we haven't assembled a team to develop a full game. We decided to make a new demo. A friend of bad-sid(Ivan) made a great concept for us:

PHOL_LABS Concept art

We want to make again only one map just with one room - like on a concept art. I want to make a good looking graphics in upcoming demo. The story of demo is not written yet, so if yo want to be a writer, please join our team. Also you can post ideas in comments.

All September and October I was making some features in my engine, I made a Normal Specular Lambert Diffuse Cubemapped shader with shadows:

Cubemap shader

It's my own Source map rebuilt on my engine:) Looks better than original Source build!

Also, I integrated SkyX in my engine(a sky solution, supporting day and night cycles, from HydraX developers) - take a look:

Screenshot by developers of SkyX.

A skull by Bad-sid:

Skull by Bad-sid
The environment of skull is our own Run3 tool - RunRepresent, a model viewer and material editor.

And again - we need people for our game, so if you want to join our team, please contact me:

Skype: moneywed

We need people with several skills in our team, because team consists only of 3 regular members.


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great new update, keep up the good work.
a shame you decided to not go for a whole game but just another demo, that is just one room. what i don't understand is that you are searching for a write who can write the story for that one room demo. i can't think of a good story that takes place in one room, in the demo.
well, i can, but how would you like to tell that story then, through text on screen, (old fashioned, not nice), or a npc that tells it to the player, or, through audio. but still, then its more a story telling things as a game demo.

and about;
"Looks better than original Source build!"
i assume you are joking because this ofcourse is simply not true, what doesn't mean that your game engine doesn't look great to, because that it does!


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Sgw32 Author
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It was my own map on Source, and it is looking better on my engine. My map on Source weren't very good, of course worse than original HL2 maps.

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the ideas look promising, but you still have a long, stony way to go...
tracking though

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