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Another suspension to the mod. You know why, my guys...

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So, yeah, Fuel here. This is the second archive I made regardless to the mod. It's not anything much but another school day as a high schooler, hooray.

Get to the point...

Last 3 month, we had gone for:

  • 3 GLA Building
  • 1 USA Aircraft
  • and 1 USA Vehicle

(Which is a total of 10 in GLA Arsenal, 2 in USA and 0 in China)

(Oh, we going for USA now, I thought of making GLA defences next but kinda bored of making GLA straight forward. Maybe later)

Screenshot 2022 03 28 165146(GLA Building and USA units)

Screenshot 2022 03 28 165623

(8 Crusader rushing toward the Starlifter Transport cuz why not)

Screenshot 2022 03 28 165659

(US Supply Truck collecting supplies peacefully)

Supply Truck Render

(The render shows how the supply truck would turn)

Right after I'm back from the school, i'll give you guys more update to the mod

Also, I wanna let you guys know about this. It's not an offense against it, it just weird how it has the same name as this mod. Coincidence? I think it already exist before this. I already played it and i'm kinda like it nevertheless, check it out yourself:

Yeah, see you guys later!!!


GDI_Amiya - - 175 comments

"末日余晖"A direct translation should be "Doomsday /Doom`s aftermath",choose“aftermath”. It may be a tribute to the RA1 expansion of the same name. Maybe both of your mods chose this name for this reason.

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Nightmarish_Fuel Author
Nightmarish_Fuel - - 86 comments

Maybe... Since both of our mod takes place on the future of the series just like the RA1 expansion, there's a point on your statement.

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