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A new and better custom story is on the way. 'Anomalous Cure' is going to feature a longer story than that of Sub-Memoir, possibly a more interesting one too, Custom sounds and Music later on in the story, Improved level design in my opinion, i'll let you decide. The soon-to-be download will just be a Demo featuring 3 Finished levels. the full CS itself is at ~50% completion, i still have the inspiration to continue at speed. give it a try and tell

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You are Cadahgan Browning; a messenger assigned to a small village 3 miles north-east of a large settlement on the west coast of Britain.
You travel there with the package in hand and then up the road to the village.
When you get there you can't help but notice a large rural castle about 2 or so miles from the village, you check your map and you realise what it is.
Your Father raised you in a castle just like that; You remembered the location of it clear as day.
Your Father passed away about 7 years ago from unknown causes.
A plague known as the Decline-All has been a pandemic all over London and the southern parts of England for the past 9 Years, although many have attempted a cure, your Father had also tried as well, with all of his resources and wealth, surely such a thing would have been an easy feat.
With the Decline-All settling all over the country, you decide to take a chance and take a look inside the Castle, if anyone has the cure It's your Father, and maybe his research or the cure it's self is intact.
You decide to take a chance and go to take a look, if there's any chance a cure exists, you're going to find it.

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