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To collect as much feedback for Project Jump as possible we have decided to make the Project Jump Open Beta Program. What this is? We hope to get more people to playtest Project Jump to assure the game is as good as it can be, while we already have 6 testers (Only positive responses to the game so far) we would like to expand on it and make the game more open for people who truly want to participate in development and improve the game through playtesting.

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It has been a good while since the last and first news article, with this article we are not only showing new footage from Project Jump but also inviting people who are interested to playtest and leave feedback as well as bug reports.

While we have 6 testers (From which there have only been positive responses towards the game) we would like to include more people into this project. If you would like to play test the game, please follow the steps below:

1.Send xThatGuyx a message over Indie or ModDB

THAT is it, you don't have to do anything but send us a Private Message regarding the the Beta Program.

You can also join the Project Jump steam group if you like! :)

And of course, here is the promised gameplay video! :=)

Patomkin - - 19 comments

Do you have more abilities? Like wall jumping, double jumping, sprint and so on?
And I can't really understand... is it like a fast-action runner, or is it a slow "puzzle" game? :)

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ThatBants Author
ThatBants - - 13 comments

Hi Patomkin.

The movement consists of Walking, Running and Slow moving. The game consists of various different levels which you can pass, unlock new things or, ideally, speedrun and perfect.

This game is specially fun for perfectionists who want to pass levels as fast as they can but is of course also suitable for people who want a difficult game. You don't see it in the little gameplay video, but we DO have multiplayer in which, while you do not interact directly, you can see each other, chat and see what character they are using (Most characters are unlocked by completing levels).

We also have powerups including higher jumping, faster sprinting etc...But these are used in other modes that we have not yet made. (The powerups have been coded though).

We do not have wall jumping or double jumping planned for Project Jump, one of our other projects does however, we don't have wall running and double jumping cause we don't feel like this game needs it.

Thanks for reading, we hope we caught your interest!

In short: It's a fast paced runner.

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virusking - - 64 comments

Bhop game mode in it's own game :P

Make a really fast paced hard one levels too, as so far it looks very beginner level bhop stuff.

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ThatBants Author
ThatBants - - 13 comments

Haha, I only showed the first few levels, wait and see till moving platforms and VERY tricky jumps come in, trust me, this game is made to be hard :D

We are actually making a second gamemode for the game called "Endurance" in which, thanks to being singleplayer and scene per level based, gives us the ability to make these huge levels, without checkpoints or anything to make it easier of course :D

But, as you have seen in the video, there is also going to be easy levels for less skilled people.

Thanks for reading! Do consider tracking the game if you are interested!

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