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Today I'm announcing Poker Puzzle Panic is nearing completion!

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It's been almost 4 years since my last game has came out, Instantion. IT was well received and reviewed, but really hardcore. For my next game, I wanted to make something quickly, that's more chill, something everyone could play.

That lead me to developing mulitple games at once, and then taking a long break for dev-work altogether. I took a long break. But after starting a family and with them telling me I need more "me-time", I started working on projects again. One of which became Poker Puzzle Panic.


Here's the back-of-the-box pitch:

Poker Puzzle Panic is a round based, simon-says, poker themed puzzle game. Traditional playing cards are arranged on a 5x5 grid waiting for you to connect them into a poker hand. Try to survive as many rounds you can, while the announcer dictates which poker hand you need to make and how long you have to make it. The farther you make it through the rounds the harder it gets! Use power ups and get the most points to place higher on the global leaderboard. And for the completion-ist, do your best to unlock all 30 achievements and find all 41 hidden hands.

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There is only one game mode in Poker Puzzle Panic, a round-based survive mode. With 100 random rounds, make the poker hand in the given limit (either time or move limit) and you'll proceed to the next round. I did test other game modes, but I thought it would be best to only have the one main mode.

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The more you play the game, the more you realize that just completing each round isn't enough. It's fun to try and maximize points by finding hidden hands or making hands that are higher ranked. It's risky to try and go for a Flush when all you need is a Three of a Kind, but the game rewards you for taking such risks. You end up trying to save cards for later and not using them to build hands that give you the highest points.

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I'm uploading the final build to Itunes connect as I write this, and then it's off to Apple for submission. Once it's been approved for the Appstore I'll announce a release date.

Thanks for reading!

Finjitzu Author

Everything has been approved! Exciting!

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