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An announcement of [probably not so] Mega Proportions!

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I tend to have this knack for starting projects and not finishing them. “Not this time!” I say to you all now as I announce Penta²!

You see, my problem was announcing things a little too early, before I got a grasp of the game. This time I’ve taken things very slowly; I’ve been working on Penta² for around 3 months now and have nearly solidified the gameplay. Hence the announcement I’m making at this very moment – nay, this very second!

I won’t spare you a wall of text (as there’s a video below that should explain the game well to you), but the general gameplay is the simple “match three or more shapes/colors” game we’ve seen many times before. The difference here is that strategy and speed are both required to succeed. You cannot get a high score without mastering both. As I said, I will not spare you a wall of text, and actions do speak louder than words, so without further ado, here’s a video for you! And yes, that was intentional.

Edit: Apparently I say the game is in beta and alpha in the video. Oh well, same thing to me. Pre-release, let's just go with that.

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I want! Looking forward to release :)

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