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Hey, we are announcing IOTY Madness. A short development cycle designed to push us into first playable. Check out this news update to see what this is all about.

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So, this is kind of a big update for us. Many of our fans don't know this, but we have historically always had problems in the programming department. Progress on code was slow, and, basically as soon as we started making progress, the programmer responsible left for no reason. But now we have a dedicated programmer (friend of mine), and he has agreed to work extra over the next two weeks to get us into our first playable state. That has sparked what we are calling, Indie of the Year Madness (IOTY Madness for short).

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But first, really quick, please vote for us for IOTY 2012, we really appreciate all your support and would love to be Top 10 this year!

What is IOTY Madness:
In two weeks, we make and animate a bunch of content to get it in game. Our goal is to have basic movement and weapon handling by the end of this. But, that is only one aspect of IOTY Madness. It also involves pushing out frequent, regular updates for our fans to track our progress and hopefully build enough hype to get a spot in the Top 10 Unreleased Games of IOTY 2012. Of course, we really just want to expand our audience, but that Top 10 spot would be extra sweet, and not to mention an amazing Christmas gift for all our team (Hanukah in my case).

Anyways, so far we have been able to implement the skeleton features for movement, and are finalizing the content we need to push onward. That content includes: First person arms (done), at least one weapon (almost done), and some targets (not done yet). It also includes rigging and animation for all of those elements. Needless to say, it is a lot to get done in two weeks, but we are confident that, with your support, we can do it.

So, if we manage to do this on time, it will set us up beautifully for nest year and put us on track to hit our future deadlines for the gameplay demo we mentioned earlier. Finally, here are the teaser screenshots and first screenshot so far. Let us know what you think and let us know which of the right arms you like most!

IOTY Madness Teaser Screen 2

IOTY Madness - FP Arms Comparison

IOTY Madness Teaser Screen 1

Thanks for reading, and please consider smacking that vote for Wake Up Call for IOTY 2012 button below.

And one more time, because we know you want up to date news:


Not being able to find a reliable programmer seems to be a common problem, I am glad ya'll seem to have solved it.

Can't wait to see more of your IOTY Madness stuff!

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fragfest2012 Author

Can't wait to show it!

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