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Design: enter free for all deathmatch, become an Archon, lay down a magic onslaught like no other.

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Blending elements of Archon "the light and the dark" and "Adept" in quake deathmatch.


A being with access to unlimited power that eclipses all others - ruler of its own unique domain.


Chaos or Order. Perhaps there can be more than one?

Build up energy for attacks, shields, and magic power effects.
Unlock new magic and shapes as your power increases.
Control the elements, make them do your bidding.
Impart your unique energy upon the world.
Multiple levels of Archon power and forms.
Make temporary or permanent portals.
Can create items & energy points.
Summon creatures to aid you.
(Randomly) teleport things.
Imprison opponents.
Choose your form.

Energy points can: heal, rearm, & power up.

Archon achievement will be set by server cvar & map conditions.

Become the pen-ultimate form of Chaos or Order and master your domain.
Rule with an iron fist..."you - obey the fist!"

Forum (find progress notes here):

Will run under darkplaces:

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