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I believe you deserve an answer to your questions about the state of the mod. Here it goes:

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I can't speak for Milner, but I believe I speak for the rest of the developer's team when I say that, in what concerns us, this mod is definitely dead.

Almost one year ago, seeing as the mod wouldn't ever likely see the light of day, Peredhel and I put forward the proposal of releasing the mod in its current state. Only the Custom Battles are working decently and the unit balance is not great, but at least you could experience some of the work which went towards the creation of this mod. Our team leader, Milner, however, denied us his permission, saying that he is still working on it, alone. That's the last time I heard of him, so maybe he is still working on it, who knows...

Believe, no one is sadder than us, the developers, to see the mod dead. It were countless hours spent working on it, trying to create something truly special for the fans of Tolkien's legendarium and Total War. Alas, life sometimes doesn't go the way we wished it to be and we have to learn to live with it.

I would like to end by wishing an Happy New Year to all the people who followed the mod. Thank you all for your support and for sticking with us for so long, even without any news. I am very sorry on how this turn out to end.


Ex-Co-Leader of Quenta Silmarillion

Ngugi - - 891 comments

Thank you, Bercor.
Sad news but the mod's followers deserves an firm update, after a long time hoping that good intentions would provide encouraging results.

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FingolfinsCharge - - 7 comments

Thanks for the announcement. It is very unfortunate to hear, but the news is appreciated nonetheless. Happy New Year to you and the rest of the developers and best of wishes in your future endeavors.

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stratman97 - - 55 comments

Thanks Bercor for being honest. Hopefully things eventually change, but it was still a pleasure watching you guys bring the Silmarillion to life.

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ReV_VAdAUL - - 100 comments

This is a real shame but thanks for letting us know. Best of luck to you in the future.

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Adunai - - 99 comments

Thanks for the news! Does it mean that it won't be as necessary to check this page every few months? :)

So First Age TW is gone (their units were so bright btw), Quenta Silmarillion is too, yet we still have War of the Silmarils! The hope is alive!

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Guest - - 695,156 comments

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Mr_Nygren - - 3,871 comments

If i were you and Milner didn't give an update i would release whatever i had worked on.

Any release is better than no release - you should release it.

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MilnerTW - - 178 comments

I think the same, he can upload whatever he did made.

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Guest - - 695,156 comments

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