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This will discuss about the future update of the mod. For now I will focus on weapons update. ETA, 20.12.15 I hope I have time to finish this. Peace :)

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For now I will focus on zombieman variation. Its weak and not so deadly. But the zombieman in this 0.02alpha version is deadly enough if you not paying an attention.

Its fire 5 burst of bullet. If you unlucky enough or not unaware of it. Its will sap your health real fast. Though I not really going to remove this. I going to give them more variety of weapons.


- Its a flashlight good to pissed your enemy

Magnum Revolver
- Very deadly but because its used by a low class rank. Their accuracy is really bad

- Firing five burst of bullet, Can be really deadly

Plasma pistol
- Fire 3 short burst of plasma to melt enemy armor. Can be charge up for better damage


For next update, Its will be character update. I have trouble to select which anime character suitable to be a zombieman replacement.

My choice is weak and innocent character. If you guys have any suggestion please tell me. The image below just give you an idea how its look like.


The moddb show 40++ download so far. If anyone of you already play and read this. Please give a feedback.

Yeilluminator - - 100 comments

Are you still working on this game? Will it also use gore because I wanna see these ***** explode with Blood and gibs.

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Demetria Author
Demetria - - 20 comments

Yes, I'm still working on this game. Currently try to make the AI better and look more smoother. I will make the blood and gibs after I finish all the monsters and called it guro mod.

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Yeilluminator - - 100 comments

That was swell, thanks.

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[]Dot - - 87 comments

>If you guys have any suggestion please tell me
A model that has a triangle count of 31,294 is not normal it is EXCESSIVE, which includes the body, the cloth and the gun mesh. No wonder your mod lags like **** when there are 20 anime ******* running around which is like what 625,880 triangles that are rendered. (10 models, at 25 FPS) (50 SU-100, at 60 FPS)

So my advice is that you trim down that polygon down to about 2k polygons or so for a single model and try to make a bit better usage of the textures so that the lower polygon count is less noticeable.

My machine can handle 50 active SU-100 which are in models very fine at 55-60 FPS, single player mode.A single SU-100+Treads has 1,234 triangles or 551 polygons. 50x551= 27,550 rendered polygons or 61,700 triangles.

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Sham-Wow - - 1 comments

And here we go with the polycount bitching again.

You do realize that Anime Invasion offers a unique gameplay that doesn't exist anywhere else, right? Not to mention the fact that it's the first game in gaming history to have 100% sandbox anime girl invasion. Even Yu-Gi-Oh doesn't have as detailed anime invasion as this, and the Artificial Academy 2 doesn't even allow for an anime invasion. Heck The Plasma Pistol even fires 3 round bursts that melt armor - you ever played ANY game at all that offers that?

This polycount bitching is so full of ****. Who cares about polycount when were talking about anime? And good luck enjoying Doom 2 on your computer if it indeed had low poly visuals. 32k tris? Try 2.

You really have no idea whats going on under the hood of these animes.

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