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As you probably know, the World Builder is a project developed by Skejt. It allows server administrators to insert various objects on the map. This tool works similar to Spacer, but it's less buggy, less complicated, however not so versatile. Nevertheless the most important thing is that it doesn't force players to download the entire revised map.

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Recently we showed you inserting usable items - in the Gothic game engine terminology - MOBs. We showed also inserting VOBs, other items, more decorative. Today we would like to show you something else, another kind of objects that can be placed on maps by the World Builder. It's Particles, PFX objects, long story short - effects. All lights, magic, mists, phenomena can be inserted in a few seconds! And this six minute movie presents it.

World Builder still needs a lot of work, including the adaptation to GMP, so it will not appear in the next update (which would include, the most of all - hopefully - the perfect synchronization), but the next one. But surely it will introduce a considerable breath of fresh air in the world of Gothic Multiplayer, increase the individuality of the servers. Hopefully, become a milestone and start new era.

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