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Some new screenshots of Anarmar locations - the spaceport, where You learn that the path You walk is not an easy one (as always).

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It was really a hard time, well not in the sense, that we had problems with the modification (though any complications here should be considered as Ok by now), but rather that I decided to continue my studies - unrelated to my latest activities. =)

It was also the reason why we didn't post any news or pictures. But now that's been corrected. You can see several screenshots of the Anarmarian Spaceport, a first place to visit on this watery planet.

As far as I remember this was one of the first maps to be completed from an architectural point of view. I mean, the walls, the doors, outside buildings, as well as smaller details - all this was finished years ago. But it still needed a more thorough compilation. You can now see some of the latest results.

Olgo made a wonderful job adding the signs and more light to the level. It has now smth very special about it. Unfortunately You can't hear the sounds. :) Probably that'll be corrected soon as well.

We have another task to finish. And that concerns some scripting here, as well as adding new NPCs and objectives. Most of the levels have additional quests, and this one might yet be no exception.

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Cool. :)

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