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An extended demo has been released to those who pre-ordered.

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The extended demo (the first two chapters of the game) is available for download to those who have pre-ordered the game.

The demo's content represents approximately 60% of the game and gives you:

- 10 locations: two towns where all the scheming, plotting, and back-stabbing take place, raiders’ camps, an ancient tomb, a tower of the Magi in a ruined city, the Abyss, which claimed many lives, a mountain pass protecting the southern towns from the barbarians of the wastes, and more.
- Over 100 hand-crafted fights (no filler combat), 130 if you count all variations
- Over 70 quests with multiple solutions, choices, and consequences
- over 100 characters you can talk to
- Over 350,000 words of dialogue (that would be a 1,300-page book)
- 6 mutually-exclusive questlines
- 40 different weapons, 15 different armor sets, dozens of other items (alchemical reagents, crafting components, artefacts, scrolls, throwing nets, etc)
- A lot of death screens

If you pre-ordered the game, use the links that were emailed to you to download the extended demo. If you were waiting for a good reason to pre-order, wait no further.

Either way, enjoy the demo.

vol4ok - - 453 comments

So how i understand game is 60% or more completed ?

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