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A strangely non-positive and serious update today, with recent events demanding an explanation.

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Greetings all,

This isn't so much a progress update on the state of the mod so much as an update on the team. Those of you who have been watching Gul's livestreams may already know what this is going to be about, but we feel that being honest and transparent is important and so I've been asked to put together this post.


There has incident

I'm not going to go into great detail, but an incident occured during one of Gul's recent livestreams, an incident we regret and sincerely wish had both been kept private and been handled better. Essentially a miscommunication in the mod's development led to a misunderstanding, which led to an altercation. Regrettable things were said and feelings were hurt, and as a result our lead coder, Bane, has decided to withdraw from this project.

As I say, this is something that shouldn't have happened and most definitely shouldn't have happened publicly. That's on us as a team, and we apologise to those who witnessed these events. We know that many of you undoubtedly felt awkward. We're sorry.

This is certainly not the norm for us as a group. Normally we get along really well. Though many of us are separated by great distances we communicate much like any other group of friends. There's no shortage of laughs and supportive chats. Unfortunately, however, you caught us at a bad time. Modding can at times be stressful and when things go wrong it's frustrating. That's no excuse, certainly, but we hope you can accept that as an explanation.

I don't really want to talk much more about that. Instead, I'd like to talk briefly about Bane himself. Bane has been part of this team since the early days of Armada 3. His hard work and dedication can be felt right across both mods, and indeed it's fair to say that neither mod would be to such high standards without his involvement. As a husband and father, the time and effort he spent working on our mods came at the expense of time with his young family, and for that sacrifice especially we are extremely grateful. Bane is a good man and I think I can speak on behalf of the entire team when I say that it's been great working with him and we're sad to see him go.


So what does this mean for the mod's development? Have no fear, Ages of the Federation is still progressing, and we're still confident that we'll have a playable version ready for release by the end of the year. However,there can be no denying that we're now short-handed, and so, we need your help.

Perhaps you've been part of a Sins modding team in the past and you'd like to take it up again. Perhaps you're already part of a mod project and you're looking for an added challenge. Maybe you've made an addon to an exisiting mod. Perhaps you've delved into the depths of the Sins engine and tinkered with the stock game's code to tweak it to your liking.

If any of these describes you, and you'd like to join our team, please contact us. Stellar Parallax is in need of experienced coders with the time available to commit to an extensive mod project like Ages of the Federation.


If you have prior experience working with Sins, we want to hear from you. Speaking from personal experience, joining Stellar Parallax is an opportunity to be a part of something great, have fun while you're doing it and leave you feeling proud of what you've accomplished afterwards. If you've got some experience and you think you've got the skills and desire to be a part of the team, please introduce yourself. We look forward to hearing from you.

'Til next time.
- OrionSlaver

Outerexodus-OSG - - 259 comments

Oh how I would love to come back... Miss all you guys. But between streaming, work, and the little angel, I wouldn't have the time to commit. Hope you find someone, guys!

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OrionSlaver Author
OrionSlaver - - 3,771 comments

Thanks, man. We'd love to have you back too but if time constraints are too much that's okay. Feel free to stop by our Discord sometime if you ever want to just catch up. :)

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Schuchart - - 1,644 comments

Sorry to hear about that, really a shame! Hope you guys can work it out (fingers crossed)!

I can't code for the sake of it, but if I can help in any other way, please let me know! :3

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McCarty1701 - - 80 comments

Geez. Sorry, guys. It's always difficult when friends go through a rough patch. I hope it's nothing I helped to further instigate.

In the meantime, I have zero Coding experience except in Armada II, so I can't help there. If you need to me come up with hilarious names for ships or stations, or dubbing voices for in-game assets, let me know!

A grateful fan,

- Mark.

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InsidiousHunter - - 1,196 comments

I will surely miss hearing Bane say DAT AFT! I also wish him luck on future mods, and if I manage to get a new computer to replace my current one since it broke. I will glady help as much as I can, and I will also still try to watch as many livestreams from Gul as I can, and once I get a working laptop maybe participate in them if he asked as I'm definitely going to be playing sins and STA3 as much as I can.

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InsidiousHunter - - 1,196 comments

I would also be down to learning code as well, as it would enable me to help some Empire at War Forces of Corruption mods that I am a part of.

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JurisDocta - - 403 comments

Wished I had time.:( Still have to finish that add on for Armada 3

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bmcgee - - 30 comments

Which add-on is this?

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