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Current state of the project: halted but a (likely final) release is coming.

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Greetings commanders.

An end.

It's been a long time since the last update. I was reluctant to say anything. This was mostly due to intense education, and it's still happening. Yet with this problem came another one, a predicament. World Builder, the tool I rely on to make maps, became bugged. Bugs I've never seen appeared. I could go on and explain how I've been searching, asking, installing, re-installing, using a virtual machine, ... but to sum up, I can't properly use World Builder for now.

This problem may or may not be solved in the future.

Thus, sadly, until further notice, the TSM project is halted.

A final release ?

Still, there is no way I'll be keeping the few maps I've made so far for myself. Before the issues, I've been thinking of making map packs to divide the project into small parts, each being released over time. So with that in mind, expect a release of the first 3 GDI campaign maps before this September. Perhaps I'll add bonus content, create a document explaining how I made these maps (with tips, notes on level design,...), it could be useful.

Over the time I've worked on this project I really got better. At least I'm glad I tried to re-capture the essence of Tiberian Sun while making people happy. I really appreciated all of your support. Who knows now what will happen...

Again, apologies for this. But World Builder is really getting old for me.


hopefully if Tibsun gets remastered, its likely they will fix the bugs you have in world builder (which they will remaster along as well) and even allow you to easily port over your new missions in the remastered version, however it greatly depends if they ever are gonna do it.

I hope things get better for you and thank you very much for your great work!

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You could always team up with the Tiberium Sun Rising team. I also think the forgotten could profit from skills. I think u r the pnly guy who figured put how to do proper mission displays ingame

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