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So....where do we begin? A long long time ago, so many years infact I can't remember how many, Jed and myself set out to make the WW2 mod we wanted to play. The sort of mod we'd like to play that had some thinking behind it and if anyone else liked it great, but it was mostly for us. We wanted a mod where you explored the lesser known battles of WW2 with forces you rarely played as such as the Canadian and Polish Commonwealth forces.

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Over the following years we built the team up to a solid set of core contributors and other tag alongs who helped where they could and we got so close to a release, except that day was about 3 years ago not today. Everything had been going well and we had weekly or fortnightly tests often with a full server and then things kind of just...stopped. Unlike a lot of mod teams most of us were in our late 20's and 30's and had other things to do instead of sit around all night and make video games. Most of us were at University or tied down with other big life events (babies and marriage being a common theme) and one by one we all got caught up in something that required more time than we had.

Jed had to step down his involvement in the mod for various reasons and I took up a lot more of the responsibilities and then in a bizarre turn of events I went from being a unemployed graduate to being offered a job at a video games company to being made redundant and then re-employed at another game studio all within 3 weeks. It was a tumultuous time and was the beginning of a slippery slope of slowing progress. The rest of the team did their best but with the leadership effectively removed and unable to give the time needed things slowly dropped off and more and more of the team slowly slipped away.

But that's not the end of the story, not yet.

Today we finally release what we had, in the state it was when production effectively stopped therefore you should download this with expectations to match. It is quite rough around the edges, things are not explained (theres no user manual for starters!) and you may run into some large bugs. It is not the release we wanted to give but it shows the direction we were going. Whilst its not quite there, its unfair to keep everyones hard work from being seen in public and hopefully what there is will be happily received, especially for those who never got to see the finished product.

Ham and Jam Direct Download Links (714Mb - UK Host) (714Mb - US Host)

Ham and Jam RC1 - Maps

Ham and Jam Torrent Link
Extract the files into your *\Steam\SteamApps\SourceMods folder. You will need access to SourceSDK 2006 to run this, this is a free download through Steam:

  1. Open the Steam window.
  2. Go to the Library.
  3. Change the list to Tools.
  4. Find and double-click on the Source SDK item.
  5. Read over the dialog box and click Download and Install / Next to continue
  6. The Source SDK will then be downloaded to your computer via Steam.

Ham and Jam RC1 Key Features

  • 2 teams with 4 playable factions (British, Canadian, Polish and German)
  • 16 weapons (2x Rifle, 4x SMG, 3x LMG, 4x Grenades, 3x Melee)
  • 3 playable classes per team (Rifleman, Assault, Support)
  • 6 levels set between 1940's Norway, 1943 Italy and 1944 France
  • 3 game modes (Attack & Defend, Push-Pull and Detonation)
  • Prone, deploy anywhere bipods, squad LMG ammo drops and other interesting features.
Ham and Jam RC1 - Maps Ham and Jam RC1 - Maps
Ham and Jam RC1 - Maps Ham and Jam RC1 - Maps

Where do we go from here? Unfortunately not very far. The remnants core team does not have anything like the time they used to have, quite a few are now employed in the games industry all around the world, and the mod is seriously out of date engine wise. It's a good couple of iterations of the Source Engine back and the sole remaining coder no longer has a version of Visual Studio that can compile our ancient code base so the chances of any 1.1 code fixes are limited. We certainly have a few levels that are work in progress that we'd love to share at some point if we can update Hammer to work with the latest Steam structure and probably the biggest gap to cross is the financial one. We used to be able to get a heavily subsidised SVN server but that company no longer exists and gone are the days where you could exchange advertising for reduced fee's, we simply can't afford £600/year to keep the SVN server going.

Ham and Jam RC1 - Maps Ham and Jam RC1 - Maps
Ham and Jam RC1 - Maps Ham and Jam RC1 - Maps

People have asked if they can carry on the mod without Jed or I and that's something we aren't willing to approve as its our "baby" and we want to keep things the way we want, we may at some point develop something new with the same base. Feel free to take inspiration from what we've done, its a great core concept and surely WW2 will come back into popularity someday!If you have any questions, queries, bug reports or anything to say then pop into the forum and ask away, someone will be there to give you the answers.

Ham and Jam RC1 - Maps Ham and Jam RC1 - Maps
Ham and Jam RC1 - Maps Ham and Jam RC1 - Maps

I have updated the team page so everyone has credit where its due so if you see you're not on there and did something then please get in touch, I've trawled through many pages of forum notes and handwritten notes to try and get everyone on there.

Best of luck on the battlefield,

The Ham and Jam Team

kwijl - - 215 comments

If there is a player base, I am willing to give this mod a try :)
Source mods should be revived!

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ntgd - - 3 comments


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Kuro_Keiyakusha - - 55 comments

This mod is awesome. Reminds me of red orchestra. Just need some servers now..

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Color-Copycat - - 210 comments

At least we still have Resistance and Liberation

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billyboob - - 297 comments

We do?

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Guest - - 699,542 comments

what you think about this? is better than rnl?

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War_Crimes - - 408 comments

I will play this mod!!!

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Snuffeldjuret - - 98 comments


Cheers guys and Merry Christmas to you too =).

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Switz[3rdMAR] - - 123 comments

To all: My Realism Unit has decided to branched out to get involve with Ham and Jam. However, we are primarily a WW1 Source unit so our HaJ action will be limited, although we will be recruiting for it, but have serious doubts enough interest will be there once WW1 Source does it's massive update to Version 2.0, so aside from matches, all our actual training will be held still in WW1 Source (Recruit Training and unit drills once per month).

Enlist Today

As stated previously, we are taking a more limited role in Ham and Jam. We are offering these times below that we can promise large crowds (32 players), but at these times only. Our Marines are allowed to play HaJ outside of these times,but again, WW1 Source is where our focus is and is where we are seeing the most steady growth in. With this being a 100% dead/finished mod for the developer team, we do not hold any hopes of seeing a steady stream of new players. BUT IF YOU ARE NEW TO HAJ, DOWNLOAD IT! IT IS AN AMAZING GAME! DO NOT PASS THIS UP!

Tuesday Turkey Party - 1800 EST
Thirsty Thursdays - 1730 (This day is slated for gamemodes only - see below)
Friday Jamming Party - 1500 EST

All of these are scheduled on our Public Steam Group, however keep in mind we also contain our WW1 Source events there (which are more sporadic and regular throughout the week).

We are scheduled to launch in the early part of September for Ham and Jam

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