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Hello everyone this is another update where I'll talk a bit about the progression on the mod and things that are going on behind the scenes!

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"I miss her, I miss her so much, why did I do it?... I do not know. It's been 5 days since I've arrived in London, yet, the horror I commited back in the home in the alps remains... I'm sorry mother. I am so sorry."

-A diary entry by the Protagonist, 1897

Amnesia The Dark Descent Screen 4

Topics in this post:
- Information and updates on what is comming
- Progression on the Mod/Story
- Map progression

Currently I'm working on getting a more tense ambience/feeling into the story "With every step you take into a new area, you feel that you get closer and closer to the horrible truth..."

Amnesia The Dark Descent Screen 5

I'm really working on making the levels and puzzles more interesting, so that when you play, it's not just a boring walk simulator. BUT, please be informed that this Costum Story's main thing is telling a dark/sad story, so do not expect some crazy super difficult puzzles like in The Dark Descent, but do not worry, visually, I'm working on getting some beautiful new and pretty cool locations done.

Amnesia The Dark Descent Screen 6

Amnesia The Dark Descent Screen 8

The big new thing will be the "Tesla Telportation device" wich will take up a big part of the Mod and Story.


Map Progression currently:

- Map 1 "Mansion" 100%

- Map 2 "Tunnels" 100%

- Map 3 "Burning streets of London" 100%

- Map 4 "The Catacombs of ST. Dunstans" 100%

- Map 5 "Pipes and pigs" 100%

- Map 6 "..." ?%

Amnesia The Dark Descent Screen 7


Thank you everyone for being so interested, excited and supportive of my mod project, I've been trying to make the locations, story, and the horror aspect as interesting as possbile for you all, and hope I'll be able to release a demo as soon as I can.

Next update will be soon!


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