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Just discussing a few things that are going on in the Production of Amnesia: Loner Mansion.

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Topics in this post:
- Gameplay video! and Info
- Progression on the mod
- Map progression

Amnesia The Dark Descent Screen

A Gameplay Video has just been released on the page so go check it out if you're interested! ^^

Currently mapping and expanding the story is going quite well, I'm hoping for the best on finishing the mod in about 1 - 2 months with all the voice acting, scripting, mapping.

Outside areas are in the works right now, with the feel of the London streets like in AMFP!

Amnesia The Dark Descent Screen 1

Amnesia The Dark Descent Screen 2

Map Progression currently: (going pretty well actually !)

- Map 1 "Mansion" 100%

- Map 2 "Tunnels" 90% Still fixing bugs and glitches

- Map 3 "Burning streets of London" 50% Pigs scripting and overall map of London will take some time for alot of detail + an awesome ambience

- Map 4 No plans/concepts YET.


Big Thank you to all the People who started to show interest and support in this Project, I really hope I do not disappoint your expectations, this is my first costum story but I'm working on it as much as I can.

C ya in the next update!



This shows a much more promising picture of the mod. For map 4 i would suggest a massive church with a lot of hidden chambers and enemy encounters. Would be a nice counterpart of the peaceful and mostly straightforward church exploration in the original AMFP. Outlast 2 holds some good inspiration for a part like that, if you played that game.

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Lou4o4 Author

I'm glad your interest has been awoken, yes I am indeed working on the church part in this very moment currently, and trying to get lots of new ideas and interesting things for the story and gameplay ^^ Thank you for the kind feedback.

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