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Hi everybody. Thanks for sticking around to see what is up with this "little" project of mine.

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Gameplay Footage (Alpha)

Welcome to the latest update for this project. Today I present to you the first gameplay footage of this mod, recorded and edited by ChrisT|GamingZone

Disclaimer: The footage above is in an alpha state and will contain both visual and gameplay bugs, as well as unfinished content such as the weapon sights and weapon sounds. All of these pointed out by Chris and shown in the video are currently being worked on.

Version 1.0

So now to address the giant elephant in the room: when is the mod being released? I have set many dates in the past and I try to avoid setting another one. What I can say is that if I don't release version 1.0 in December, then I will at the very least have a proper and stable beta out by then. I am working on the maps and lightmaps last, so should I fall behind schedule, then I can still release but with fewer maps. That way I can still keep to my goal, albeit with fewer maps.

On a different note, it's time to give a brief summary of what will be included in the first release and to also reveal the change in direction that has happened. The mod started out as a project that aims itself towards fixing and improving the vanilla experience in all fronts, however I became immersed with playing BF3 and BF4 in late 2015 which had changed my perspectives and prospects for this project. So what happened soon after was to shift my focus to improving the graphics and first person gameplay first as those were the weakness of BF2 when comparing it with the sequels. Fast forward almost 5 years and what I have now is a totally reworked first person experience for BF2, including new and restored graphical effects. The game is less eye watering and also crispier to look at. To use a very simple, yet effective analogy: imagine BF2 had a "very high" graphics option. This mod is basically that. Here are some of the graphical features either being worked on or that have been implemented:

  • All ingame textures have been upscaled with A.I Gigapixel to 200%
  • HUD elements have been remade in HD.
  • Vegetation shadows restored, and vegetation now projects shadows on objects
  • HD sunflares
  • HD particle effects from BFP4F
  • HD soldier textures

As for other features to be expected in version 1.0:

  • New animations for all weapons and equipment
  • New gun sounds
  • New gun models
  • Distant sounds for guns and explosions
  • Added BFP4F weaponry and also a weapon selection system (weapon unlocks)
  • Improved ragdolls
  • Bot support for 32 and 64 map variants

Above items were just the highlights. There are many more subtle changes that have been made, such as more indoor areas, soldier model edits (new first person hands and arms as well as soldier heads), improved vehicle gameplay etc.

If the interest in this mod is high enough, I might do more updates as a means to get more people excited. If you are modder and have modelling and animating skills, please consider helping out. Unfortunately I am the only one working on the aforementioned skill areas and don't have the capacity to deliver all the work in a short timeframe.

Thanks for watching and reading.

The Obscure out!


Wow so happy to see an update from you!

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TheObscure Author

Thanks buddy! We are still alive and kickin' :D

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Thanks a lot for providing me an early look mate. The checklist for 1.0 looks very promising!

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TheObscure Author

Thanks to you too mate!

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Great stuff!!

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TheObscure Author

Dankie. :)

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where can I download it, looks amazing
does it have all the weapons from BFP4F?

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Good stuff mate!

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