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So what's being added in alpha v0.03? Well, some more content and customization options for starters. Read on for more!

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I thought I would give a little update once in a while of how progress is going and what's being added.

  • More Content.
    Currently some new pieces are being added, which includes a headpiece, a torso, a hip piece, a pair of shoulders and a pair of elbows. They will have a unique style that I think will fit right in.
  • Early player progress.
    The first few steps of player progress is being worked on. You can now earn money, all items are priced, days will pass, and what parts you can use are limited by the total statistics of your mech (No more putting massive shoulders on spindly legs!)
  • Immersion update.
    A lot of the parts will be renamed for more "in world" fitting names, rather than names that just describe what they are, accompanied with flavour text describing the object.
  • Proper balancing.
    Previously balance has not been a factor, now that players will be limited by their mech's total statistics, and the game is coming together more and more, it's on time that balance is covered properly. Now what parts you choose will matter more than ever.
  • More customization.
    Finally some more customization options, a few samples of customizables palettes for some pieces (If the process turns out to be relatively quick and reliable, most if not all of the pieces will recieve this update)
    (In the future, all parts are intended to be possible to customize by swapping palette colours, adding decals, and attaching additonal pieces such as armor plating and extra weaponry)

Some more things will probably make it in, especially a lot of tweaks and fixes, but the above points are the major things that have been planned out and started so far.

This will be quite a big update, hopefully bringing the game a bit further from a tech demo into something more playable. However, this is quite a lot of work to get just right. So it might take a while for the next update to arrive.

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