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An Overview Of The Alpha Release, Which Will be Available Soon

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I have been working hard to bring warhammer 40k to new vegas and soon i will be posting up an alpha release, in it will include minimal weapons, as i need to get the iron sights working, but most of the factions should now have warhammer 40k armor.

heres a list of things i have been changing:

-Lightened the brown on imperial guard armor
-added in several different variants of imperial guard armor and helmets
-boomers become elysians
-brotherhood become souldrinkers
-ncr become imperial guard
-ncr heavy troops, male (space marines) female (sister of battle), however will be adding more of them in later and bases and patrols of their own
-hostile supermutants become orks, jacobstown supermutants stay the same, was thinking they could be ogryn's of somekind as they are not hostile.
-mole rats become hormagaunts (tyranids) with the exception of some tame molerats
-legion become the forces of chaos, with bloodpact and chaos space marines
-many message changes and name changes

the alpha release will be available soon...

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Can't wait, but I guess in the future, each faction will have its own story and base, etc. right?

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