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As of today, an alpha release version of the mod is available for download.

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Four months of development later, Visual Reality is ready for an alpha release! Our team has quadrupled in size over this time, and so we are now able to specialize and create the best possible end result :). Have fun testing! Following is the contents of the README:

C&C Generals : Visual Reality Mod
by sittingduck

version: 0.1 (alpha)
23 July 2011

Extract !VisualRealityMod_X.X.big to your CnC Generals Zero Hour installation folder, for example: C:\Program Files\EA Games\Command & Conquer Generals Zero Hour\!VisualRealityMod_X.X.big

NOTE: Visual Reality Mod has not been tested in combination with other mods. Any other modified game files present will likely break the game or at least create unexpected results, so use a clean install just in case :)

Known Issues
China troop crawler : incorrect placement of flashing red light
China hind : upgrades(bunker/gattling/speaker) still have to be changed
China inferno cannon : strange behaviour of cannon on slope
China Nuke's mig : death model incorrectly shows J-11 death model
China Nuke's nuke cannon : invisible under certain circumstances
China supply truck : death model transparency broken
GLA scorpion tank : junk upgrade+missile upgrade breaks the turret
GLA Tox/Demo/Stealth quadcannon : upgrades broken (showing all stages at once)
US Dozer : incorrect death model placement
US Sentry drone : firing point broken
US Aurora : Intersects with itself if in 1st and 4th airport slots

Lamina faces shadow bug on several models (namely shilka, tanks)
Engine thrust on various jets not linked to the airframe correctly

Soon to be implemented
Extra upgrade stage on Scorpion tank, final will possibly be T-55 -> Type-72Z Safir-74 -> Enigma
Extra upgrade stages on Marauder tank, final will be T-62M -> zulfiqar -> T-90
Missile Upgrade on Rocket Buggy will change the model, final will be Grad -> Fajr-5
Extra upgrade stages on Scud Launcher, final will be SCUD TEL -> RT-2PM Topol
Extra variations on technical model
J-20 Nuke Mig will be replaced by J-10
F-35 Skin and model Upgrade

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Forgot to mention the totally badass new particle effects for most rocket projectiles :)

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