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In this article I would like to show you 2 more tracks (for those who weren't still at Video tab) and a really new thing - menu showcase!

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You didn't expect that something new will be published so fast, did you?

Systematicity - very important thing in the work. I work alone, but it's good enough to have something to show you every week (sometimes every 2 weeks) - sometimes 3D model, sometimes 2D art, sometimes... a video. One of my mistakes during developing a mod is that I didn't publish much content regularly. Let's me try to avoid it.

A bit more music

These tracks were uploaded at the same time like the previous article (see if you didn't read:, but my stats say that almost nobody has listened it. Maybe because Video tab was still black and looked inactive - well, publishing mp3 without an image is, as we can see, a bit problematic. Soon it will be changed. For now, let me link them here:

But now - maybe something REALLY new?

As you wish, commander. Let me introduce menu showcase in alpha version!
Because it is my first video, and cooperation with OBS software was a bit challenging, perhaps the quality isn't perfect. Hope you like it anyway, despite the fact that I don't have good microphone and a showcase doesn't have real-time commentary. But we can go through it, so lets go!

First - the showcase, then - a description what exactly was designed, what works and what needs improvements.

Now some words from me:

Main menu was designed in 3 different color themes - you can switch it with "Change Layout" Button - notice rotating 3D model of nation's symbol for which the menu is dedicated. For now, every time you start a game, you see red Hegemony layout. This week I'm going to write some more lines of code to let the application remember your choice and load menu variant which you had just before closing a game in previous session. Quite easy.

In the background, there is a video played. Later (MUCH later) there will be some cinematics like cutscenes, gameplay... Now there is a tutorial of Allegorithmics for Substance Painter, which I've started learning some time ago ;P Hope they won't send lawyers to kill me for that :D

Some buttons like single missions, skirmish, credits are inactive - and I think it's understandable why. There's a long way to have some maps or campaign missions. Credits - c'mon, I'm not so big-headed to make credits list with only my (nick)name in every section :D

In campaign menu I need to add a description for FAD - still I don't have one, because I would like to compose short, concrete text, but without much spoilers. Just a few days more and I'll implement it, okay? :)

Settings - now the fun starts. You can see 3 sliders: for music, effects and brightness. First one works - audio level is stored between sessions and isn't reseted during layout switching. Effects - no, because this is for ingame explosions, commands etc, so for a while there's no need to change it. I'm going to do it soon, but by the way.
My game supports for now 4 screen resolutions, and for now that's enough. Don't worry if you don't see yours - there will be a couple more in the future.
Chosen screen resolution is stored after closing the application and loaded just at the beginning - so you can't troll this by selecting "smartphone" resolution at first Unity panel (below) - the resolution you've saved in previous session will be loaded instead immediately.

For now, optimization is perfect - it works fluently on Intel Core I3 (4 x 3,2 GHz) and Intel Celeron (2 x 1,66 GHz). Hope my game will be so well-optimized that people with weak hardware could have fun with this. And that's why presented menu is called "Alpha" - there will be much more graphics options. And with more options, the button ""Restore default" will be added.

See you soon! Remember that I wait for any suggestions. And despite the fact that I work alone, you can send me a message via and offer oneself.

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