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Eleon Game Studios releases Part III of Alpha Experimental 8.0 with updated Repair-to-Template mechanics, new biomes on Starter Planet, new windows and a lot of rebalancing and bug fixes

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Hi Galactic Survivalists!

While Experimental Phase 2 addressed most of the Survival Start issues, Phase 3 will concentrate on some of the other features - but of course add more refinements to the Game Start! For example the Stamina-rebuild, reducing your food points is now tied to the difficulty setting (See details below). We also increased the output for the crushed-stones-to-ore reprocessing.

Repair-2-Template has seen a few changes as well and, beyond that, we changed the way how repairs are handled in general. Up to now, repairing a damaged block was for free - this has changed. Repairing a damaged block now uses Iron Ingots as a resource (100 HP demand 1 iron ingot). To make this work with the new Repair-2-Template method and to avoid having to manage different devices for the same tasks, we further unified the two features of the repair feature (Repair blocks + Repair-2-template) so you can always use it from one console.

Beyond these two topics, nearly every feature, from AI to Planets to Zirax Weapon balancing, got additions and refinements as well. So please check out the full changelog below for all the updates and, as always, please report your feedback directly to our dedicated feedback threads:

Alpha 8.0 EXP: New Planets

Alpha 8.0 EXP: Solar System Generator - Doku & Feedback

Alpha 8.0 EXP: AI Behavior

Alpha 8.0 EXP: Repair Template & Repair-to-Template

Alpha 8.0 EXP: Suit- and Survival Mechanics

Alpha 8.0 EXP: New food and food-item drop system

Alpha 8.0 EXP: New Status Effects / Diseases

Note: If you are NEW to Alpha 8.0 please read the individual feedback thread starters as they contain valuable information of the new gameplay mechanics!

Please report all bugs over here:

Bug Reports: Alpha 8 EXP Phase 3

Bug Reports: Solar System Generator

Bug Reports: Controller and Keymapping

Enjoy Phase 3!

Empyrion Dev Team


CHANGELOG: Alpha Experimental 8.0.1 (Build 1610)

Repair-2-Template Update:

a. New Setup:
- Requirements: 1 Repair Console + Repair Bay T1 (Repair Blocks only) or Repair Bay T2 (Repair Blocks and Repair-2-Template)
- You now require also a repair console for "Repair Blocks" with Repair Bay T1 block
- If you upgrade Repair Bay T1 to T2, you will be able to use Repair-2-Template
- Repair Blocks now also costs resources: 100 Hitpoints = 1 Iron Ingot (first balancing test)
> basics are working but UI still needs adjustments (so overall this new setup is WIP)

b. General Changes:
- Repair bays drop their content when destroyed, keeps its content when upgraded
- Repair-2-Template is now also working for CVs (added Repair Bay T2 block for CV)
- RepairBay T1 can now be upgraded to T2
- Repair Console is now lower in Techtree
- Added better collider for Repair Console (screen)

Updated Starter Planet and Orbit:
- Added Radiated biome...

...and a very rare Forest Oasis biome:

- Reduced impact of night temperature on temperate starter planet
- Added Talon village to starter planet
- Added Creatures to Radiated biome
- Added 1-2 Xenu POIs Tier III on starter planet
- Updated Xenu POIs > changed red color to be consistent with Radar Stations
- Added creatures to PolarSnow area on temperate planets
- No laser space drones in Starter Orbit playfield (only plasma space drones)
- Added Derelict Mining Ship POI to starter orbit (thanks to rainydays)

What might have happened with this ship?

> Please give us feedback if we should add more of these "Space Dungeons" type of POIs

- Added Heavy Windows

The hull parts will be texturable (probably Alpha 8.X) - the same applies for the hull parts of the new thrusters
- Added Template for Heavy Window Blocks (500kg, 1500HP, only Advanced Constructor, Steel/Glass/Plates 10/15/8)
- Updated Tier 1 Stock Bases: thanks to Kieve, Runningwithhamster and Brimstone > we are still looking for more low-tier Blueprints

(Creator: Runningwithhamster)

(Creator: Kieve)

(Creator: Brimstone)

PDA/POI Update:
- Updated Radar Station ComArray and RadarDish POIs (Added a better visible main entrance)
- Radar Station Main: Added Medic Station main level
- Radar Station Main: Swapped Zirax Rocket trooper spawns to other troop types (Laser, Shotgun, Minigun)
- Radar Station Main: Improved lighting situation in upper levels and in some lower level rooms
- Alien Tower Damaged: Now flattening terrain when placed
- Updated PDA mission "Revelations" mission text to hint that there is at least 2 ways to sneak into the main based
- Crashed Titan parts are slightly more damaged (thanks to Dinkelsen)

Zirax Weapon Rebalancing:
- Zirax Shotgun: Strong increase of Bullet Spread
- Zirax Minigun: Added Bullet spread, Increased RoF
- Zirax Laser: Reduced Range, Added small Bullet spread
- Zirax Rocket: Added small Bullet spread

Template Changes:
- Iron/Copper/Silicon reprocessing templates: half the amount of input is needed for the same output in ingots
- Added Growing Plot (Concrete) back to Large Constructor
- Added Growing Plot (Wood) also to Survival Constructor (As you can basically set up a farm without a growing light outside a base on temperate planets if temperatures are in the acceptable zone > Check the global notes over here:
- Gatling Gun (HV/SV) + 15mm Bullets can now be crafted in Mobile Constructor
- Removed Concrete Destroyed Blocks from constructors.
- Slightly increased crafting times for all Windows L sizes (standard, armored, heavy)
- Removed Survival Constructor and Survival Tent from all Constructors except Suit Constructor
- LandClaimDevice can now be crafted in AdvConstructor only

Hand Weapon Crafting Location Change (incl. Ammo):
- Mobile Constructor (SV/HV): Only Basic Weapons (T1) [Excluded: Plasma Cannon, Laser Rifle]
- Large Constructor: All T1+T2 versions of hand weapons
- Advanced Constructor: All T1+T2+Enhanced version of hand weapons

Status Effects Update:
- Reduced Stamina drain from Low Food and No Food Status (Created a strong negative feedback loop with rebuilding stamina-method )
- OpenWound and PoisonBit now generate a low amount of Stamina 10 per second (instead of loosing stamina = like an Adrenaline Effect) >> WHAT DO YOU THINK?

- Added possibility to have dirt or other textures around POIs (can be configured in TE editor -> we re-enabled UnderTerrainID for POI Placement)
- Re-added Alpha 7 SV thruster model (we accidentally enabled the Alpha 4 SV thrusters)
- Updated several resource textures
- Color tweaks to resource, terrain and asteroid textures: now each resource has consistent coloring
- Reflect planet axis rotation in orbit and sector maps.
- Sector and orbit map: Added clouds to planets and display correct polar caps.
- Updated lava and alien planets
- Better texturing on snow playfield
- Door/antenna fixes to restore A7 coloring

- LandClaimZones are now also active in space/orbit playfields
- Allow ingredients to be detected by the suit constructor when in the toolbar
- Allow blueprints to be spawned on Adm faction bases
- Added pickup to toolbar to more devices: Work Light, Tent, Water Generator, O2 Generator, AutoMiningDevice >> WHAT DO YOU THINK?

Updated Akua-Omicron Scenario:
Tweaked Akua-Omicron scenario so it is adapted to Multiplayer
- Increased amount of resource deposits
- Removed the story POIs from the starter planet
- Player now wears Light Armor
- Added Drill, Bio Fuel, Ore Scanner and Survival Constructor to start equipment
- Starter planet and orbit are now PvE playfields
The setting is still WIP and we are considering to let the player start in a base and remove the Light Armor again in the next update. The light armor removes the survival experience in the beginning but is necessary for the escape pod start since the drop zone of the escape pod drop varies in MP and is not always in the starter biome.

- Food reduction due to Stamina rebuild now depends on Difficulty Setting: To fill up 500 of stamina points....
* 7 units from food bar will be consumed (Easy)
* 15 units from food bar will be consumed (Medium)
* 30 units from food bar will be consumed (Hard)
- Added +5 food for Buds
- Rebalanced enemy turrets: Artillery and Rocket are now a bit weaker

- Increased Scenario upload size limit from 10 to 100 MB
- New setting for pole biomes in playfield.yaml > see how "Biome: Pole" is now defined for eg TemperateStarter
- Adapted Planet Axis in dynamic.yaml for all playfields > now between -20 and 20
- Improved: FPS drop at dusk & dawn in Oasis on desert planet > pls send us save games if you find areas with heavy FPS drops
- Deactivated teleporters on all stock trading stations and added to generic groups: TS_Planet and TS_Orbit > please adapt your playfields accordingly
- Resume game window allows double click on game to load it
- Do not display mass for devices where weight has no impact yet (Terrain Placeables)
- "UpgradeTo" is now displayed in Block Info
- Updated POI distribution on all playfields (take into account size scaling)
- Reduced range of humming sound for WarpDrive (CV = 10m, SV = 5m)
- Orbit map asteroid fields are now better displayed
- When deleting a local savegame in the Resume Game menu, the corresponding Cache folder is also deleted
- Changed how Biome name is displayed: removed "bm" prefix if Biome is not localized
- SSG: allow user to change template directories when moving install locations. Use build number in version number.

AI Update:
- Animals react to player in water - special behavior for triceratops and spider: they will do some random movement and angry noises, when you are in water. When you go out of water, they will continue the attack if they are still alerted.
- AI parasaur alert balancing
- Improved AI bomber firing accuracy.

Controller Update:
- Added support for cycling between belt slots with bumpers on controller.
- First pass at sensitivity curve to improve controller movement/looking around
- Fixed 'Left Stick X' not appearing in control options UI.
- New system to manage input contexts, and three contexts for normal gameplay, in a menu, and in a menu in cursor mode.
- UI-specific controls are no longer active in-game and vice versa.

POI Naming Update:
- Renamed DroneBase group: now DroneBaseT1, DroneBaseT2 and DroneBaseT3 instead of DroneBaseAkua, DroneBaseOmicron etc
- Renamed Military POIs: now T1, T2, T3 instead of TierI, TierII, TierIII > eg XenuT3
> Playfield creators have to take this renaming into account

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: Personal drone won't deploy in random locations.
- Fixed: Playfields sometimes being randomly regenerated on each load (ie terrain could change after resume game)
- Fixed problem that dropped items and backpacks fell through bases when dropped on them and game was reloaded/server got restarted
- Fixed: Exception after entering Moons.
- Fixed: Moon Starter was composed out of Cobalt and Silicon
- Fixed: Teleporters on stock POI's target locations are causing players to get stuck in the loading screen.
- Fixed: Not possible to cross the South Pole c2 and c3
- Fixed: Spiders sometimes not inflicting any damage to the player when being hit by them.
- Fixed: Asteroid fields sometimes disappear from orbit map when teleporting.
- Fixed: Problem that AI Space Drones were not spawned in orbit playfields
- Fixed: R2BP can be used to get a plants and tomatoes (any growing things) from a CV
- Fixed: Drones did not react to player in some use cases
- Fixed: Problems with AI bomber launching and docking to base
- Fixed: Problem that remaining ore for voxel resources was not saved correctly
- Fixed: Hazardous sign for weather is showing wrong
- Fixed: Ore deposit tags are not updating after being emptied by AMD's (Note: Voxel resources are currently not depleted by AutoMiners)
- Fixed: Teleporting to previously marked position did not work anymore
- Fixed: R2BP: After-BPsave placed blocks overlapping to-be-repaired blocks lead to un-removable ghost blocks after R2BP
- Fixed: Spiders were rotating after death + spiders did not run away always when afraid + spider navigation
- Fixed: “Playfield” cmd was not working for playfield_debug.yaml
- Fixed: Random exception when attacking a POI
- Fixed: Random placement on size 5 planets didn't use 25% of the planet surface
- Fixed: Problem that unexpected asteroid resources were spawning
- Fixed: Exception triggered after exiting to the main menu from a new game
- Fixed: Menu shortkeys not closing their respective windows.
- Fixed: Console not opening in title menu or in-game without a different menu being open.

New yaml parameters “IsScalingCount” and “IsImportant”:
Added playfield yaml random POI and resource parameters "IsScalingCount" and "IsImportant" to flag if CountMinMax should be scaled with the planet surface and if the random placer should try more to place the respective POI / Resource

"IsImportant" can be used for certain POIs to increase the probability that it is placed (normally 100 trials are made to find a suitable location for a POI, if IsImportant=True, we use 1000 trials)

"IsScalingCount" can be used for Resource Deposits and POIs
- scales the Count according to the planet size:
Class 2 = x1, Class 3 = x2, Class 4 = x4, Class 5 = x8
- if IsScalingCount=True, CountMinMax is given for a Class 2 planet and is scaled for larger planets
- deposit size is not affected

- Name: IronResource
IsScalingCount: True
CountMinMax: [ 3, 4 ]
- on class 2 planet 3-4 deposits will spawn
- on class 3 planet 6-8 deposits will spawn
- on class 4 planet 12-16 deposits will spawn
- on class 5 planet 24-32 deposits will spawn

Updated EAH Tool: Patch notes -
(Please make sure to change the version to Alpha 8 in the config)
- Added: Further Eventmanager integration (does not work yet)
- Added: Request Structure Update on Server Stop to have latest information
- Added: Implemented first draft of Chatbot-low level Admin options (not available yet)
- Added: Gameoptions.yaml integration
- Added: Fresh Start: Origin cleaned
- Added: Sector.yaml changes
- Added: CB:? in Messagebox
- Removed: CB:Heal
- Fixed: Planet Height in pole control now 1100 meters
- Fixed: Inventory problem setting one to many slots
- Fixed: Gameoptions.yaml: Anti grief bug
- Fixed: CSW Exploit. No chatbot possible on invalid server anymore. You can reset it with Player-Edit Information
- Fixed: Pole Control message

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