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Eleon Game Studios releases Part II of Alpha Experimental 8.0 with new CV Thrusters, re-balanced Gamestart, new AI Behavior, Updated Anti Grief Zone system and many bug fixes.

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Hello Galactic Survivalists!

First of all: thanks for the overwhelming amount of feedback and responses to our first iteration of Alpha EXPERIMENTAL 8.0! :)

Although the Experimental Phase I was possibly a bit rough at some edges and a lot has changed compared to all the versions before, we’ve seen lots and lots of positive feedback on the now more survival-focused and possibly “harder” game start.

As promised, we picked up a lot of your feedback on that topic - and all others - and made some first improvements, like adding back more POIs to discover (Please tell us what you think of the amount and types!) and, of course, tried improving the Temperature-Food-Stamina topic, that possibly made even the Easy game start a bit too harsh at times (depending on the seed).

Check the changelog below for all the updates and, as always, please report your feedback directly to our main dedicated feedback threads:

Alpha 8.0 EXP: New Planets

Alpha 8.0 EXP: Solar System Generator - Doku & Feedback

Alpha 8.0 EXP: AI Behavior

Alpha 8.0 EXP: Repair Template & Repair-to-Template

Alpha 8.0 EXP: Suit- and Survival Mechanics

Alpha 8.0 EXP: New food and food-item drop system

Alpha 8.0 EXP: New Status Effects / Diseases

Note: If you are NEW to Alpha 8.0 please read the individual feedback thread starters as they contain valuable information of the new gameplay mechanics!
Please report all bugs over here:

Bug Reports: Alpha 8 EXP Phase 2

Bug Reports: Solar System Generator

Bug Reports: Controller and Keymapping

Enjoy Phase 2!

Empyrion Dev Team


CHANGELOG: Alpha Experimental 8.0.0 (Build 1597)

- Reduced overall basic food consumption rate> food bar now drops slower
- Reduced impact of Temperature/Radiation on player > you can now stay longer in cold/hot environments / body slower adapts to changing temperatures
- Increased size of rock resource models to better see them
- POI: Added military Xenu POIs + Drone Base > ~ 6 km away from starter biome)
- POI: Added Artifacts POI group
- Rebalanced amount of ore deposits on Starter Planet: now roughly double amount of deposits but same total yield
- Slightly reduced stamina reduction of Survival Tool
- Survival tent is now placed better on the terrain instead of removing terrain. Removes more grass around
- Removed T2 weapons from Survival Constructor
- Added Emergency O2 generator to Suit Constructor (1 Iron, 3 Copper; Should allow to create purified water bottles, as soon as you found an energy source. For use when missing a water source)
- Removed water bottle requirement from beverages (the watered part is delivered by the ingredient itself)
- Added Energy Drink to Gamestart equipment (1 for Easy)
- AI Drone waves : Waves are trigger now only if the player is 50m around his base + Drone wave patrol radius around the base is increase form 200m to 600m.

- Increase building time for Survival Constructor by 50%
- Removed "Emergency O2 bottle" free item from Suit Constructor
- Added Energy Bars to Gamestart layout: Easy:2, Medium: 1
- Doubled perish timer of Energy Bar
- Doubled crafting time of Energy Bar
- Energy Bar: reduces Plant Protein requirement from 3 to 2
- Removed food point values from juices (has been an artifact from recalculations; not intentional; juices should server as cooldown and early health item)
- Adjusted Food Points for Cheese, Meat Burger, Pizza
- Aloe Vera swapped with Herbal Leaves drop (As Aloe Vera is currently not used AND this way you can basically self-grow the basic ingredient for most of the medical items!)
- Changed Aloe Vera trader/loot drops to Herbal leaves
- Corrected wrong value of vegetables (perish timer too high)
- Increased body temp drop for all juices to -3
- Lowered required items for all juices from 3 to 2

New Behavior of Triceratops:

The Triceratops is a herbivore animal, which can be startled by the player, but it has no fear and will not flee like the Parasaur. It will stand its ground! If you tickle it with your guns, be ready for its rage.
- when calm, the Triceratops roams around
- when it sees / hears the player, it will get protective and threaten the player (small roars, walking towards)
- If the player does not attack, the Triceratops will also not attack
- If the player attacks, the Triceratops becomes furious and attacks the player: when the player is close, it will use close range attack, when the player is further away, it will charge him with a roar

Updated AntiGriefZone system:
We are now using the term "LandClaim" instead of "AntiGrief". Some cool things are planned for Alpha 9 (not Alpha 8) with land claims :)
- Added "IsIgnoreLC" to devices (also in Config.ecf). We tagged all devices that are in "Essential Category" (thruster, cockpit, core, fuel tank etc) to be placeable in LandClaim zones > now you will be able to add eg a cockpit or core to your destroyed vessel
- Added "LandClaimZone (Off, Default, Device)" to playfield.yaml > now you can decide per playfield which LandClaim mode you prefer
- Added new block: LandClaimDevice for Bases

- Updated XL Thrusters for CV > now you can play around with them (preview icons not yet updated)

- Updated textures on CV Thrusters S, M and L

- Improved smoothing of the cutout area around POIs
- Add nebula to orbit map
- Add asteroid fields and align to planets in orbit map > still wip
- Improved snow and temperate planet texturing
- Updated Barren planet

- Added underground layers to Moon playfields
- Better underground layers for Snow and Desert planets
- First version of new Messages Window (XP/Pickup/etc)
- Sector map orbit lines no longer pierce planets; scale some UI elements according to distance.

SSG Update:
- Size moon according to class in Spacefield preview.
- SSG: don't overwrite existing gameoptions when exporting scenario.
- Adjust warp lines; scale labels with distance; fix light; add clouds to map planets.
- Copy gameoptions.yaml when exporting a scenario; no longer overwrite scenario when using Go to Planet

Terrain Texture Update:
- Terrain texture update: Cliff, Cliff2, Cliff3, CliffBrown, SandBrown03, RockGrey, RockRed, RockRed02, SandMars, SandYellow02, SandYellow03, SandYellow04, Stone, RockBlack04

In the above screenshot, you can see the updated glacier ice texture (RockGrey)
- Updated several resource textures

- Added Snow05
- Removed some leaves from GoodDirt since this texture is also used as underground layer

- Added Playfield.yaml setting for BA/CV/HV/SV blueprints to be allowed or disallowed to be spawned
- Changed name of game version into "Experimental"
- Renamed Power Bar into Energy Bar
- Origin 0 is now available to limit teleporter/portal.
- Extended console cmd "statuseffectremove" ("ser"): "ser all" = remove all status effects
- Added loca for Survival Tent variants (standard, desert camo, woodland camo)
- Updated radial menu info of Survival Tool Defense mode "Can also harvest wood"
- Updated POI group XENU > re-arranged groups
- Renamed group for DroneBaseOmicron into XenuDroneBase
- Updated PDA: DeliciousEating Akua + Omicron + Dinner for Two missions: internally changed old items to current item requirements. Loca not updated (HUD using original names of drops)
- Updated Localization.csv

Controller Support Update:
- Left analog stick can now be used to control highlight in radial menus, 'A' to select the highlighted item.
- Bumped input config version so the placeholder mappings for the toggle run and open radial menu inputs get picked up.
- Added loc key for radial menu input.

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed: AMD's do not work on Voxel ore resource deposits
- Fixed: Factions were reset after server restart
- Fixed: SP New Game's gameoptions did not contain difficulty data set by player in UI
- Fixed: Mushroom model glitching (gigantic size) after being picked up.
- Fixed: Spiders sometimes not inflicting any damage to the player when being hit by them (partial fix, when you encounter another situation with spiders not attacking, pls send us the save game)
- Fixed: Problem with portals that Origin 0 was treated special
- Fixed: LoD on a freshly planted Ahax Plant is too short. The plant vanishes when the player is about five blocks away.
- Fixed: Flour was not appearing in FoodProc anymore
- Fixed: Sometimes underground layers were not displayed correctly
- Fixed: Several exceptions reported by players and found in output logs
- Fixed: Exception when opening inventory of Escape Pod after Fresh Start
- Fixed: RepairBayT2 appeared in TT even though it is not yet functional
- Fixed: Survival tool defence mode had same icon as Rock Drilling mode
- Fixed: Support ‘Origin Restriction' for normal teleporters / Stargates
- Fixed: AI space drone : take off in the sky and fly like balloons instead of attacking
- Fixed: Wrong planet/moon sizes in space map
- Fixed: Wrong size display for solar panels
- Fixed: Hint text missing why a Blueprint is not allowed to be spawned in a playfield
- Fixed: 'statuseffect' console command: mistyping leads to CoQ
- Fixed: Request_Player_ItemExchange: Move all items buttons and shift left mouse button don't work

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