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The current build of the ManneKin: Hessler Storage alpha demo is available and ready for people to test and give feedback, come check it out!

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Welcome back, Kin!

It's been a busy week as I launched the alpha demo for ManneKin: Hessler Storage on Steam and Itchio, I've been busy watching streams and videos of people playing the game. It's been incredible to watch and gain feedback from players, seeing how they play, what they do, and how they move across the small section of the map available.

Hessler Storage Front

In the beginning, I released it without many details upon startup, but since seeing people play the game, I've gone back and added some quality-of-life updates and new scares. Some are more subtle than others. But the greatest feedback I've received so far is from players commenting on the way the atmosphere, ambience, and sound effects make them feel tense.

Some updates are for the placement of objects. I noticed during one of the scares that the players weren't seeing the reward they were receiving for completing a request a note had given them, mainly because they were looking the other way. I've moved that and several other things into the player's line of sight.

Mannequin shadow

New random mechanics have been added in the form of random sounds that play in various places in the map, making the player feel like there's life on the lower first floor of Hessler Storage. Along with a random scare system that decides which of the scares to use at the start of the game. The player may not get all of them in their first playthrough. Along with this, there are FOUR endings to find in this alpha demo. Plenty to keep players entertained each time they visit Hessler Storage.

Painting in Hessler Storage

But, of course, this isn't the end. It's spooky month, being October I've added in more scares and updated even more things in the game to make you feel on your toes more.

Progress on the full game is going ahead after the reception so far and I'm excited with where this is going, so fingers crossed we gain more traction.

If you do play the alpha demo please do leave feedback in our Discord and tag us on Twitter with any gameplay you show on Twitch or YouTube!

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