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We've released our first playable build to, and our Kickstarter campaign has hit the ground running!

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We launched our Kickstarter today! It's only been up for about 90 minutes, but we're off to a strong start. We've got some fun rewards (3d-printed ships, iron-on patches, papercraft ships, etc) but whether you pledge or not, you can help us out just by sharing it with friends or leaving some feedback. Our campaign is part of OUYA's Free the Games Fund, so if we reach our goal they'll match your contribution... so your dollar will be worth double!

As part of that, we've also posted an early PC build of the game to It showcases skirmish mode, which is a timed race for riches. In multiplayer it serves as our PvP game mode, but it can also be played in single-player as a high-score chase. It's also available on OUYA!

We're also now on Steam Greenlight! Friends, romans, countrymen... lend me your thumbs!

Venture mode is our endless mode which can be played solo or in co-op multiplayer. Pilots race across the galaxy as fast as they can, constantly scrounging up enough cash to pay their way through the next warp gate before their pursuers catch up. This mode is currently under development, but we hope to have something to show.

Can you keep a secret? We were originally going to attend PAX East 2014 as mere participants, but some stars have aligned and we might get showcased as part of a larger booth! Stay tuned for details!

Thank you for your time and attention!

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