Cashtronauts is a local multiplayer space/combat trading game. Coming Spring 2014 to PC, Mac, Linux and OUYA. Built in Unity.

We've launched our Kickstarter, and our playable alpha demo is available for PC on itch.io! You can also download the demo to your OUYA.

Each round takes place in a randomly-generated solar system arena where players rush to collect cash. Money can be earned through a variety of means: mining, scavenging, piracy and more. Between each round, players use their money to bid on a limited supply of powerups, upgrades and traps. At the end of 3 (or more) rounds, the player with the most cash left wins!

Stay tuned for more updates, and please share your feedback and suggestions!

Watch our Teaser Trailer on YouTube, or follow us on Twitter: @pixelpoutine & @cashtronauts

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Why Was Our Game on CBC TV?


Cashtronauts is a "space capitalist" game for one to four players, available now as a free alpha on PC, Mac, Linux and OUYA!

It's been a while since our last update, so we've got a lot to say!


In this udpate we've fixed a bug that was happening to player 4's controller in a four-player game, decreased round time, and we've changed how the screen is split in multiplayer games to make it easier to see and navigate. The update is already live on our itch.io page and on the OUYA store.


This week we got our biggest press wins yet, most notable being an article on Rock Paper Shotgun and a spot on the local CBC show "Our Montreal"! How'd we get featured on the CBC? I don't really know, to be honest! Seems like they do a regular series of "local Kickstarter of the week" and they found ours. I've been a huge fan of the CBC my whole life, so needless to say this was super flattering and exciting.


Live in Montreal and wanna play Cashtronauts on a big screen in a sweet gaming-themed cocktail bar? Then come on down to Foonzo on Feb 20th for the big Cashtronauts tournament! It'll be a blast, we've already ordered some fun prizes and turnout already looks good :) Check out the Facebook event for details.

Alpha demo released, Kickstarter off to a strong start, and PAX East news!

Alpha demo released, Kickstarter off to a strong start, and PAX East news!


We've released our first playable build to itch.io, and our Kickstarter campaign has hit the ground running!

Hello Indie DB!

Hello Indie DB!


Welcome to the Indie DB page for Cashtronauts! Big news coming this month :)

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