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WB Alpha 1.2 release with download - Further SSP developments and the all new build tool

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Survival Singleplayer (SSP) Alpha 1.2 is now completed with several new additions, bug fixes, and a free public download so you can start playing and building! This release has the new Build Tool packaged with it so you can build & test without the limitations of survival mode.

Download Wayward Beyond from IndieDB HERE
NOTE: Currently only the Windows version is ready!
Mac and Linux will be ready with the next update.

To install after downloading simply extract Wayward to where you want the game at then run Wayward Beyond.exe to play!

Check out the Getting Started Guide HERE to learn everything you need to know about SSP and the BuildTool. The guide covers crafting, shortcuts, flying, and more.

Below is a list of the notable changes

  • Entirely remade build tool
  • Added main menu
  • Added new item icons
  • Added cockpit statistics monitor
  • Added copper ore/ingot/wire
  • Added hydroponic drum (Early stages of farming)
  • Added fresh strawberries
  • Added new oxygen filter texture
  • Added oxygen storage (Small cyan bar below oxygen bar)
  • Added item give/take notifications
  • Added all new planet textures
  • Added animations to weapon blocks
  • Increased planet LOD distance
  • Improved ship collision
  • Improved oxygen detection
  • Improved the way death works
  • Fixed survival mode building

Plans for next update

  • Dried foods
  • Using any form of water in hydroponic drums such as water canisters
  • More crafting recipes
  • Proper build costs for blocks
  • Savegame functionality
  • Eye dropper in build tool to copy color from a block
  • Begin work on SSP galaxy map & interstellar ftl jumps
  • More settings options

If you want to follow development more closely to see what's being worked on, what's planned and the progress of different features then visit the Features Trello Board and the Artwork Trello Board!

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