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Alpha 0.3.0 is here, working enemies, improved terrain, no more orientation problems! awesome huge update. Back us on indiegogo

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ALPHA 0.3.0 is here!!

We have been very silent but for a good reason. This past week we went inside the core gameplay of Infinite Pixels and decided it was time for a drastic change. The game finally has enemies, actual working enemies that are not annoying flying robots. We improved the terrain and made the "planets" feel way more alive. We also worked on new locations to explore and new stories to discover. We worked on the game's visual style and graphics... this is alpha 0.3.0x

alpha 0.3.0
alpha 0.3.0
alpha 0.3.0

We changed the way planets and terrain looks to this:

alpha 0.3.0
alpha 0.3.0

The game feels and plays much better,no more orientation problems, no more useless weapon on your screen. This time Infinite Pixels feels more alive.

Buy alpha and support the development process :

syco98 - - 118 comments

this look sooooooooo.... EPIC

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Kuznetsovsky - - 284 comments

I don't know why, it looks like Minecraft kind of had a baby with Wind Waker or something.

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Guest - - 699,780 comments

It's called Voxels. The "Blocky" world is a coding pattern. Allows devs to generate a world with XbyY cubes allowing for "Infinite Terrain"

Expect any game that offers an infinite world to look like this.

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Rafficka - - 67 comments

Very nice! I shall do a series on youtube for my partnered channel!

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Somniare Author
Somniare - - 103 comments

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richtofen115 - - 82 comments

are you kidding me, i just now saw this

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