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Its been over a week since we updated the game... alpha 0.1.3 is out and it came to make the game far more interesting.

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After making you wait for over a week for a new update (We decided to take a little break and buy some new gear for the team), we have uploaded alpha 0.1.3 and the MAC version is out! The video above shows many of the new features but to make it simpler we will just list them below.

- added stairs to every module (if you have played the game you will know how annoying it was before)


- replaced weapon model
- replaced space ship model
- replaced space ship camera position and angle


- fixed truck spawning sideways bug
- added enemies (again the annoying robots)


- added shields (the solution to your problem with the annoying robots)


- now every module has a different material requirement

buy the game and support the development process(windows and mac) :

BigD145 - - 27 comments

This, StarMade, and Scrumbleship need to have a baby. Right now.

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lents12 - - 46 comments

Be careful with that wish, in the wrong hands it could turn into a horribly deformed baby everyone hates.

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BigD145 - - 27 comments

I'm pretty sure Notch is busy collecting cards.

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The_M_Factor - - 218 comments


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johnlier - - 46 comments

Looks pretty nice, would be nice if building things would have a set time till completion instead of instant, and possibly a need for oxygen? Going to be tracking this.

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Fargo69 - - 29 comments

Is their going to be a demo?

My Laptop is 4 years old and looking at a video doesn't guarantee that the program will run on my equipment!!

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RoguelikesEsp - - 57 comments

... Still waithing...

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DreamSoft - - 17 comments

This game looks cool, hope you'll release a Downloadable Alpha!

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w01fram - - 36 comments

This game looks awesome. Tracking

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