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A proposal has been suggested for the Creators of: The Forgotten MOD Tiberium Essence MOD Command and Conquer 5 Return of the Scrin MOD

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The proposal that has been suggested is that the creators join the CCS MOD Group in order to share resorces.

The advantages:

  • Increased compatibility between MOD's
  • Improoved MAP selection
  • TE2.0 being put ahead of scedual, meaning that it will be released sooner
  • The Forgotten MOD might be updated to support all TE and CnC5 Textures
  • CnC5RS Beta being released much sooner
  • An improoved knoledge base of CnC3 MOD creation, in turn helping other MOD creators to solve their own issues with MOD editing
  • A custom TE/Forgotten/CnC5 MAP editor might be released so that people can make Maps without having to change the CnCWB_1.0.CFG every time

The disadvantages:

  • Yet to be discussed, as none have been found yet

It seem a very good deal!

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It is, on all counts.
Everyone would benifit.

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Tiberium Essence - Carnius
Has joined the Alliance of MOD Groups and is now part of the CCS Command & Conquer MOD Group.

Resources will be shared between the CnC5 MOD and the TE MOD.

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Autherisation to use the following:
-the Horde
-the Mortar squad
-the Jeep
-the War camper
-the Forgotten Harvester
-the Forgotten MCV
-the Forgotten Construction Yard
-the Power station
-the Forgotten Refinery
-the Hovel
-the Airpad
-the Garden of life
-the Tacitus library
-the Forgotten Crane
-the Forgotten Wall
-the Forgotten Tiberium Silo
-the Mortar Tower
-the Messenger
-the Blossom tree and the classic Tiberium
-the vein monster

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