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The August 2022 update for the Alliance at War mod. ':^)

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Before I go over the patch notes, I want to remind players that I have an Alliance at War Discord channel. Here is the link:

I wanted to wait a little longer before I post the next patch, but I found something that needed to be fixed immediately, so I am posting it sooner. I may not have done as much, but I needed to fix an issue with the reeks. This is a very small update, and these changes will mean one must restart any AaW GC's they have currently going, but on the plus side one is getting more fixes.

Fixed an issue where the Rebel Heavy Reflective level 2 upgrade would appear before purchasing the level 1 in GC.

Added an additional CP and more build pads to the Cardooine GC land map.

TIE hunters have been moved to level 5 starbases. Was buildable at level 4.

Public Relations Officer icon has been changed.

Vindicator Heavy Cruiser Skirmish price has been increased. Was 2400, is now 2500.

Dreadnought Pop Cap has increased by one point. Was 18, is now 19.

Reeks are now buildable on Ylesia.

Cardan-class starbases will now garrison Arquitens-class cruisers again,
but only level 3 and only at tech level 2.

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