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Hey fellow gamers, I'm currently the marketing manager (Kyle Bacon) at AstroBear Games​. We are a Indie Studio located in Melbourne Australia working hard, day and night to bring fun games and hope you like what we have to offer! We are currently developing for PC and tablet devices with plans for developing for consoles too in the future (hopefully).

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We are currently working on a game titled ShepDoog for the PC.

In ShepDoog, use your skills to keep your sheep alive and out of harm from deadly and hindering hazards that riddle the farmlands and wildnerness, such as: Landmines, bear traps, wolves, black holes and many other crazy things. Choose from a range of Dogs that have their own abilities that vary, large dogs being strong and able to physically carry sheep around. Tiny, tiny dogs that are able to move under fences and various traps entirely. Work with a friend to ensure The Shepdoog can travel back to Mother Russia with a great many sheep!

We are also looking for people willing to test our demo for when we build it and upload it here. Please let us know if you are interested, we would love to hear feedback too. It will be a alpha build, so it wont be perfect but a playable demo! Also if your a Youtuber, feel free to do a review and let us know!

We are currently trying to get onto Steam Greenlight Games​ and need your help! You can vote for Shepdoog by following this link:

Also feel free to like us AstroBear Games:

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Thank you.

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