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Check out the new trailer for Aliens: Eradication and download the latest version.

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Changes from RC1 to RC2 (Graphics, weapon, alt fires, etc.)

Improvements, fixes and additions based on feedback from the modding community (See below).

-Alien BLOOD/ACID COLOR is a dull yellowish/green instead of neon green which is used for the Predator.
-MOTION TRACKER signals are no longer color coded for individual actors and are now represented by simple white dots. Facehugger warning has been removed.
-MOTION TRACKER audio is closer to the movie audio.
-Under water counter for remaining oxygen added to hud.
-FLAMETHROWER prevented from firing under water.
-Various sound improvements.
-KNIFE added to starting weapons (except the Colonist, who must find it).
-PISTOL no longer has infinite ammo.
-PISTOL can be switched from FULL AUTO to SEMI AUTO for Yutani-Operative and Synthetic classes.
-FLAMETHROWER fire rips through multiple enemies.
-FLAMETHROWER has alternate fire which tosses a fuel canister that can be detonated when shot. It can be picked up again and the fuel added back to your inventory.
-SHOTGUN now has proper frames when reloading.
-Player dismounts the POWERLOADER when changing weapons. You can get back in it.
-Player's view height raises when using the POWERLOADER.
-FLARES can be thrown at any angle with mouse look and leave behind a burnt out flare when expired.
-Various sprite improvements.
-TRACER FIRE speed increased for all weapons.
-Map 7 now has a timer until exit lift arrives for the Yutani Class.
-Various other map fixes.

Extra Credits for RC2: Zikshadow - Added combat knife
- Added under water counter
- Sprite fixes (shotgun, satchel charge, pulse rifle, iron sites, Bonus med kit, motion tracker, and more)
- Decorate (flamethrower, pulse rifle, power loader, weapon tracers, motion tracker, and more)
- SNDINFO (modified footsteps)
- Playtesting.

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