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This week's article we are going to show you some development of the game's mechanics.

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Hello there! Our developer worked on some of our game’s mechanics and features on unity. The main mechanic is the ability to switch between the main character and the pet. The pet is a character that uses pathfinding to follow us while contouring any obstacle that may appear on Its way.

Since it is following us and the player might want to keep the pet in a desired place, we can now press a key and the pet stops following us, pressing the same key again will call it, making it follow us back. First, talking about the switching mechanic, such ability is useful in order to get places our main character cannot get, and since our pet is a flyer, it can go up to high places. Also, while moving with the pet, the ability to keep him in place is a nice touch to feel the control the player has. Last but not least, the hardest but most interesting part, the Pathfinding. It is very important to have this in a game where we need a character to follow us, because pathfinding will allow such character to calculate a trajectory, or in this case a path, avoiding obstacles in its way, so it can keep his journey of following without getting stuck.

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