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Assault Knights is back in full swing! And let me tell ya. It is going strong!!

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Howdy yall!
I would just like to take a moment to let yall know I am back in action. At least for the most part. I got 5 new mechs that I am currently adding to the game. One of which is here.

Also in more news, I have made an page which you can find here.

It will hopefully help get the game more popular. The game is still free but you can help with donations. From it.

Also here is another link for yall. :)

Help us here.

Anyway on with this mech. It is currently using Salva Z's animated legs. Because the torso was not made to turn. So I had to revamp it a little. To make it work right.

It currently uses 2 Short Range Anti Armor Missile Launchers- SARMs 4

2 Auto Cannons AC- 30

And 2 new weapons called Snipers. It is a super long range cannon. That I am working with. It can fire all the way across the map at high speed. And hit super long range targets. It is something I am just trying out.

Well, that is it for now. I also got a new mech made. Which I posted pics of in the Pics section. Check it over there.

Thanks so much for checking this out. Hope yall enjoy this little update. Also will have some videos of these mechs in action soon. So keep an eye on here for new stuff to come. Also in the coming months, I will be announcing a brand new project! Stay tuned!

Thank You
Night Hawk

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