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28th May 2022 - in which a young man rages at the world around him.

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Hello everyone,

You may have noticed a particular youtuber, a very young man, has decided the best use of his time is to try and 'bring down the unification mod' because... lack of anything better to do I suppose? He feels he is fighting some great injustice by harming our mod which is built with nearly a decade of time and effort as he wants to be our 'archenemy', which is a notion somewhere between adorable and tiresome. He has taken to harassing the team with personal attacks, and especially Kekoulis.

As with all two-bit villains, he has since explained to us his deadly plan which was basically get into the server and then steal things before trying to bring about our doom by throwing it out to the world - take that modders! Anyway the chat logs are all archived and available should these facts be in dispute.

As context, the reason that we have not been accepting more testers is down to him - you may know that we had a leak which caused us to move away from public testing - he was the one who leaked the ultramarines and has indeed leaked it again, after another recently ex-team member fed him the latest builds - You can imagine this is pretty disappointing time for us in the first place as we are still working around the clock to make unification as good as it can be, never mind that there exists a coordinated effort to ruin this thing we work really hard on in our spare time so that other people can play it for free.

We do not endorse these videos as if nothing else they are low effort memes, not even made with the creator's usual care in a seemingly desperate rush to tilt at his Quixotic Windmills of the unification team, but hey, saves us previewing all our new units! There is a sort of irony that if we did shut down as he ruined our mod, then his channel would cease to exist, but those who just want to watch the world burn do not always think their plans through to conclusion it seems.

I am sure he will continue to leak our files in his quest to spite us, so if you do encounter the files just be aware that they are quite unfinished, otherwise they would be in the mod already. Obviously people do not have permission to use these, but the usual suspects no doubt will.

For those who want to support us then we genuinely are working most hours in the day to get this done as quickly as possible without compromising quality, as indicated by the below previews, which are not in any leaked versions.... exclusives!

Warekit is frankly amazing:



Nurgle HQ




PMachado - - 20 comments

It's simple absurd, keep up the good work and just ignore the idiots and trolls.
The best part off this is that he will lose all is subscribers ;D

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highblood89 - - 303 comments

Wow, what a despicable individual. You put so much time, effort and heart in this mod and that's how that guy thanks you?

But always keep in mind that the majority loves your work! 😁

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yeoldefed - - 30 comments

Can somebody tell me who even is that guy?
Pretty sure nobody even knows him and he won't get a single shred of recognition for whatever it is he's doing.
If he even gets paid for the stupid crap he does he probably gets like 1 penny or just a bunch of peanuts.

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fuggles2k Author
fuggles2k - - 950 comments

I just wanted to clear it up for the benefit of our actual YouTube trusted partners as to why this random has got access.

He did it the name of the UA mod who have basically told him to stop embarrassing them when they found out, which is a credit to them. So best as I can tell, he has made no friends out of this.

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Kekoulis - - 3,469 comments

He literally has turned the entire modding Community against him with his heinous act and is banned from ModDB as well.
For more info, we have released the chat logs in the server, just for clarity's sake.

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alienpilot11 - - 44 comments

I want to genuinely and sincerely thank you guys for working so hard on this mod. You do it, despite the fact people like this guy exist. Thank you. I look forward to playing your official release of your work, when the time comes.

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Varamir - - 96 comments

We dont care for this person. Let he/she/it/they/wacko do whatever they want to do. We will wait patiently till eternity and only follow the offical channel provided by the thudo team. All the best to your guys you are the pinnacle of dow modders

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Melancholic - - 39 comments

I'm sorry you guys have to deal with someone like that. I guess success will always attract trolls.

Also, it should go without saying that all the hard work the team puts into this mod is greatly appreciated!

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Vanders - - 560 comments

He sounds like a piece of heretical garbage.

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Cezarus - - 27 comments

Ребята не останавливайтесь и не сдавайтесь! Вы делаете величайшую работу из тех что когда либо знал моддинг Dawn of war.
Мы верим что вы сможете все преодолеть!

Guys, don't stop and don't give up! You're doing the greatest job Dawn of war modding has ever known.
We believe that you will be able to overcome everything!

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Kekoulis - - 3,469 comments

And that we shall.

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Maoist - - 93 comments

ill always be a Unification Mod loyalist

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malanthor - - 853 comments

Sounds like he has a serious mental problem. He should seek professional help.

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Matthew_Vanston - - 669 comments

No, he's just very young and needs a little bit of life experience to see his own wrongs, that's all.

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Guest - - 687,512 comments

Seems the pathetic guy made a video already on YouTube, should we report it?

Anyways thanks for all the hard work though, I really don't understand their bizarre mindset and hope it doesn't bother you guys too much.

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corncobman - - 836 comments

The Youtube videos have already been reported. The Youtube bot system will take its sweet time.

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Freezie_ - - 25 comments

who is this youtuber? or are you not allowed to say?
because i've not seen any video saying anything ill about your mod

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oyun papağanı
oyun papağanı - - 1,048 comments

I'd personally prefer not to say his name so he doesn't get views.
But all but one of the vids he made has been removed by Youtube now.
Turns out companies like YT and moddb do not endorse theft and harassment.
Who'd a thunk it?

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Kekoulis - - 3,469 comments

We explain with the chat logs over the server.
But the videos have already been reported(some with the great help of the Community) and YouTube has already started taking action.

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Hunterdams - - 1 comments

Si j'en avais les moyens je vous confierai lz conception de Dow 4
Vous êtes parfait ne changez rien
Quand aux débiles qui critiquent du contenu gratuit personne ne les obligé a télécharger ,
Petite question la prochaine mise à jour de votre super mod est prévue pour quand ?
Un grand merci pour votre tant et votre passion

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fuggles2k Author
fuggles2k - - 950 comments

Hopefully not too long, aiming for July, real life allowing.

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Guest - - 687,512 comments

Merci de votre réponse

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fuggles2k Author
fuggles2k - - 950 comments

De rien

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DeathsImbrace - - 20 comments

You guys are so successful that you have people who spend all their free time just to hate you.

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Guest - - 687,512 comments

Keep up the good works guys, you are the best !

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Guest - - 687,512 comments

hello,the angron mod is incredible!!!and very accurate to the illustration can i play with this model if i download the unification mod or it's not still released?

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oyun papağanı
oyun papağanı - - 1,048 comments

Everything in the pics and articles is for upcoming version.
Soon:tm: :)

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Guest - - 687,512 comments

very thanks for your answer!im waiting on it!Angron is my favorite primaarch and character from warhammer30k and 40k!blood for khorne!!!

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LoneİronWarriors - - 118 comments

you do small jobs few people hate you, you do big jobs and you make an enemy, it shows you did your job right, unification forever ! ok maybe there are balance problems but i got the pleasure of playing with vostroyan and kreig with this mod!

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fuggles2k Author
fuggles2k - - 950 comments

Balance will come with help from the community, we cannot possibly test it well enough with just our small team.

One day we will finish adding things and all that will be left is balance, although I suspect true balance will be impossible owing to the sheer variety of playstyles and content.

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